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Marlin Big Loop Guide Gun 45-70 govt

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Selling a new in box Marlin (ruger) big loop Guide gun. This one is the 6+1 model with 19inch barrel and iron sights. Beautiful wood laminate stock.  Chambered in 45-70 govt. I purchased 2 of them while you were still able to find them. Now I need to free up some cash so I have to let the extra one go. Good luck finding one of these bad boys anywhere right now. 

They shoot flawlessly and are super well made. I'm only asking for what I have into the rifle, which is fair as it's never even been out of the box besides to take these photos. They are selling on gunbroker right now upwards of $1800. Ask me how I know 🤣


Asking $1400. I ended up paying just over $1500 after shipping. I don't think this will last long due to how hard these guns are to obtain right now.


I live in Prescott but can meet in Phx as I commute to work in Mesa several days a week. 



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2 hours ago, SteveInMesa said:

That's a beauty!  If I didn't have an 1895 already I would buy it.  GLWS

Same here. But they are so much fun I should probably buy it anyway. LOL

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