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Custom Remington 6.5x47 Lapua

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FOR SALE (Scope and bipod not included)

Custom Remington 700 Precision Rifle.  

Blueprinted Stainless Remington 700 action with pinned precision ground.030 recoil lug and Timney  "The Hit" Trigger set @ 8 oz

M5 style DBM Bottom Metal utilizes AICS pattern magazines.   1 polymer magazine included. 

Seekins 20MOA picatinny rail.

The original factory stainless + fluted barrel was rebored to .264" with 1-8" cut rifling, hand-lapped and rechambered to 6.5x47 Lapua by Classic Barrel and Gunworks.

Barreled action professionally pillar and glass bedded into a McMillan A3 stock with molded in GAP camo.

After a quick 10 shot break in, I tried out a few loads that shoot well in my other 6.5x47 rifles.   See the attached photo.  Needless to say,  I think this rifle will be a shooter.

25 rounds total down the barrel. 

$1400  ($1250 with factory 700 trigger)

Located in Prescott but can deliver to N. PHX or the Verde Valley. 





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That is a great rig for the price!!   If I had the loot I would swipe it up.    dang 

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I can't believe you are selling it! And I can't believe no one has taken it from you! 

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