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  1. wbyfireman

    Sightron SIII 25206 8-32x56 Riflescope -Price Drop

    If I didn’t already run a Sightron on my 7mm I would snag this. Amazing scope with incredible glass!! Good luck, this shouldn’t last very long
  2. wbyfireman

    Unopened 8lbs IMR7977

    If you’re willing to sell a pound or two at a time I would buy them……. Again 😉
  3. wbyfireman

    Axcel Carbon pro 1 pin slider

    Looks like you could use a “bump” !!
  4. wbyfireman


    Location ?
  5. wbyfireman

    RCBS RS-5 Reloading Press

    I agree that’s fair. 90$ it is ! 602-309-six seven five 8 Jeremy
  6. wbyfireman

    RCBS RS-5 Reloading Press

    Will you take 75$
  7. wbyfireman

    RCBS RS-5 Reloading Press

    If so what’s your location ?
  8. wbyfireman

    RCBS RS-5 Reloading Press

    Will this press handle longer magnum style cartridges ?
  9. wbyfireman

    .257 weatherby

    How does it shoot ?? 😃
  10. wbyfireman

    SOLD. $650 Vortex Razor HD 12x50

    Wow. Amazing price for these!! Wish I had the 650 😢
  11. This is a great price!!
  12. wbyfireman

    Leica Duovid 10+15x50 $1250

    Love these binos but don’t have the cash. Have lots of 5.56 ammo, tons of .40cal ammo, semi auto .30.06, and reloading powder to trade. Wish I had the funds to get these. They fit all my needs of a 10X for shorter viewing and a 15X for the far away stuff. if any of that interest you let me know! good luck !
  13. wbyfireman

    Custom Remington 6.5x47 Lapua

    That is a great rig for the price!! If I had the loot I would swipe it up. dang
  14. wbyfireman

    WTB. IMR 7977

    Let’s do this again
  15. wbyfireman

    WTB. IMR 7977