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  1. wbyfireman

    WTB. IMR 7977

    Looking to buy some IMR 7977 for my recently rebuilt 338 Lapua. Thanks much, hope everyone has a successful season !!
  2. wbyfireman

    Reloading supplies and equipment

    How much for the 7mm Nosler brass? Could it be shipped ??
  3. wbyfireman

    Caldwell Accumax Carbon Fiber Bipod

    I will probably pass since I can’t get hands on to check it out. Thanks so much anyways !!
  4. wbyfireman

    Caldwell Accumax Carbon Fiber Bipod

    Do you ever make it up to the Phoenix area?? If so then I will take it !!
  5. wbyfireman

    Reloading dies and case prep

    I will take the case trimmer if selling individually. Location ??
  6. wbyfireman

    ISO .257 weatherby rifle

    I have a .257 WBY in the Vanguard platform in a nice wooden stock. Shoots great.
  7. wbyfireman

    FREE F150 factory mud/rock guards (New in package)

    dang. If you make it up to PHX area let me know and I can meet you.
  8. wbyfireman

    Mec Marksmen Press

    dang. Wish I had the cash for it… I just dropped 500$$ for 8lbs of Retumbo and am short on cash flow; if it’s still avail in a few weeks or if you will hold onto it for me so I can gather the dough please hit me up !!! jnjbrunk@cox.net
  9. wbyfireman

    WTB reloading single stage press

    That’s a legit press. Let me know what price your thinking of. thx
  10. wbyfireman

    WTB reloading single stage press

    Yes I saw your post, however, I’m looking for a single stage rifle press thx however
  11. wbyfireman

    WTB reloading single stage press

  12. wbyfireman

    Hoyt Carbon Element For Sale $400 SOLD

    I might have a buyer (my brother). Will let you know either way
  13. wbyfireman

    Powder for sale/trade

    Count me in for the retumbo!! please give me a text Jeremy 602-309-6758
  14. wbyfireman

    Draw Results

    WOW Great bull!! We have some areas picked out, however my father is 70YO (in good shape for his age) so hiking over hill and dale like i usually like to do might be somewhat limited.
  15. wbyfireman

    Draw Results

    Took me 10-years and my dad 13, however, we finally both pulled 2 of the late September, unit 22 South Muzzy tags. Should be lots of fun!!