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  1. Jdff1

    Black Rain Ordinance AR-15

    Pm sent
  2. Jdff1

    Ruger .40 cal magazine

    Pm sent
  3. Jdff1

    Misc. Ammo

    I’ll take the .40 cal. On inbound
  4. Jdff1

    Does anybody have a field optic tripod ?

    I have the micro lite, it’s light, 1.8 lbs. I’ve put my 15s and small spotter on it. It’s a sit down only and fully extended it’s shakes pretty good. I wouldn’t think a heavy spotter would be very good. They make 2 other bigger ones that seem very stable, in aluminum and carbon. They carry them at sportsman’s warehouse. I use mine when I backpack and have no real complaints, its very adjustable.
  5. Jdff1


    I’ll take it if azkiller doesn’t.
  6. Jdff1


    Pm sent
  7. Jdff1

    Vaportrail pro v rest

    Pm sent
  8. Jdff1

    Looking to buy or rent a wall tent

    My father in-law has one he is looking to sell. I think its either a 12 or 14x16, not sure who its made by. 602-999-9576. His name is Davey, give him a call if interested and for details.
  9. I'll take it, pm inbound
  10. Jdff1

    CWT First "Card Hit" Contest for Raffle Tickets

    7/12 at 9:06 am
  11. Jdff1

    24a thieves!

    I am azkillers brother in law, we just got some cell service and wanted to add some details about the tent. It's green, 14x16, with a ridge poll, three ridge supports. It is a Colorado tent company tent, and the bag it came in has that name on it, they took that too. It has one window in the back. The ridge polls are marked with 14x 16 on them. Also had an attachable floor. Thanks for keeping an eye out for it.
  12. Jdff1

    food dehydrator

    I'll take it, pm sent.
  13. Jdff1

    Man Cave items for sale

    I will take the rings!