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Wtb two tires 33s .. on 15's .**Updated **

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Hey guys, I'm looking for 2 decent tires in 31s  to 33 s for 15 inch wheels. I've been striking out at the tire shops for good used. These are for a trailer that doesn't move or get used much,  but it needs better tires, they are 15 years old.  Looking for maybe some old jeep take offs. 33 x 10.50 x 15 s would be best case scenario or equivalent. 31s wouldn't be bad either.  Nothing too old and holds air please. In the  west valley.  Let me know whatca got please  .... don't really wanted to deal with other sites.

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58 minutes ago, Egh4 said:

Sent you a pm

I did not get it  and it says you can't get pm's either ... just tried 

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