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Garage clean up….

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Just a few items…..

Lowe’s rolling storage box….30.00 dollars 

2 Boyt storage cases…..20.00 dollars each SOLD

NIB R/V water pump….30.00 dollars SOLD

camp shower / water pump…can use as a shower or water transfer pump. We used it as a shower and to wash/clean dishes and meat in camp. Runs off of a 12 v battery…..30.00 dollars SOLD

wilderness axe/ shovel combo….30.00 dollars SOLD

Dave 602-228-1719

16 street and carefree Hwy area 






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That pump setup brings back memories. When our family got our first fifth wheel, the water tank wasn't very big so I always brought a 50 gallon drum and would use a setup similar to that to refill the tank when it got low.

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