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What’s up guys it’s been a while since I’ve posted in here, I moved to Utah recently and they have changed the regs to where cougar/mountain lion hunting is open all year no quota. You also can trap them. Me and my wife were shed hunting and on one small hill and found about 30-40 mule deer and elk carcasses(most being tiny bucks) The next week we were shed hunting again and saw a lion about 300 yards away. It’s in a pretty rocky steep section. We were planning on calling for lions, but recently I’ve wondered about trapping for them instead. 
  My thoughts are maybe looking around for a fresh kill and placing a couple traps nearby. I know it would take tons of luck, but just wondered if anyone has had experience with it?  Arizonas trapping is so limited I never even thought about doing it, but now it’s basically free range year round here I want to try. Thanks a ton. 

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Get some house cats and put them in rabbit cages with a litter box towards one corner. After a week take the litter box out and put a bucket under the cage and harvest all the cat urine and stuff. Use this to lure the lions in. It works really good from what I've "heard". 

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