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  1. bradleylarson48

    GLOCK 20 10MM $525

    You still got it?
  2. bradleylarson48

    Metal stock tanks and deer

    I was scanning maps and found this stock tank that has water year round. It’s about a mile from a road and unmarked on maps. Do deer come to these? It’s the closest water source to the mountain I’m hunting so if deer need a drink I asssume it would be here. I know cattle have been at it in the past. I’m gonna get cams out as soon as the Forest is open. But if you guys know anything about these anything helps
  3. bradleylarson48

    Badlands 2200 Pack $150

    Do you still have? If so, location?
  4. bradleylarson48


    Where you located?
  5. bradleylarson48

    OTC archery mule deer

    Nice buck
  6. bradleylarson48

    Coues deer /bear 24a

    So I may hunt 24a otc this year for coues deer. I also want to get an archery bear. I have a couple spots I’d like to sit water but I haven’t been able to get cams out because Tonto Forest is closed. For anyone who has experience with the unit is the Apache peak area good for deer and bear? Or should I focus on areas more towards show low. Like timber camp mountains. Not asking for specific spots just general help. I’ve scouted a couple different areas in the past but bot very thoroughly just driving around with a little glassing. On azgfd website it says the upper slopes contain good deer and the drainages coming off of it have bear. Would I be better off glassing the drainages in hopes of finding deer and bear. Or just sitting water and hoping a deer or bear comes to get a drink?
  7. bradleylarson48

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    Lucky I put in this year for it. How many points did you have?
  8. bradleylarson48

    New to coyote hunting

    Get wind in your face and start calling. Coyote pup distress works really well this time of year. A buddy of mine killed 2 yesterday on it.
  9. bradleylarson48

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    I suddenly want to hunt 7 otc this year. Lol. Or next year. I’m tryna get a coues this year
  10. bradleylarson48

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    Get binos and glass. Best advice I was given on this site. Glass and glass you’ll find deer. I’ve seen some good quality bucks in 7
  11. bradleylarson48

    Otc tag questions

    Sorry I just saw this but I had killed my buck in December. And then I was going to hunt again in January but I didn’t get anything.
  12. bradleylarson48

    OnX maps/ springs

    Sweet thanks. I’ll probably head out next week and try to find a good spot where I can put a car near a spring and a salt lick
  13. bradleylarson48

    OnX maps/ springs

    Yeah I found an area that doesn’t have a ton of hunting pressure. I’m gonna try to learn the area super well so I can take some friends there for their first rifle hunt.
  14. bradleylarson48

    OnX maps/ springs

    Oh yeah I didn’t even think about that. I might end up doing spot and stalk after all.
  15. bradleylarson48

    OnX maps/ springs

    Ok this might be harder then I thought. lol. I have one strategy though. I found one of those black tubes that leads to a cattle tank. If I follow that for a ways won’t I be led to a spring? I’ll put cams out to make sure deer come to it.