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  1. bradleylarson48

    Mountain Lion trapping

    What’s up guys it’s been a while since I’ve posted in here, I moved to Utah recently and they have changed the regs to where cougar/mountain lion hunting is open all year no quota. You also can trap them. Me and my wife were shed hunting and on one small hill and found about 30-40 mule deer and elk carcasses(most being tiny bucks) The next week we were shed hunting again and saw a lion about 300 yards away. It’s in a pretty rocky steep section. We were planning on calling for lions, but recently I’ve wondered about trapping for them instead. My thoughts are maybe looking around for a fresh kill and placing a couple traps nearby. I know it would take tons of luck, but just wondered if anyone has had experience with it? Arizonas trapping is so limited I never even thought about doing it, but now it’s basically free range year round here I want to try. Thanks a ton.
  2. bradleylarson48


    I drove the whole 300 road from showlow to Heber in October last year and saw probably 4 bucks around 150 and probably 15 bucks under that. And that was just on the road. With a little glassing up in some of the canyons by heber a good quality buck could be found for sure.
  3. bradleylarson48

    Bow fishing in Srp canals?

    Yeah fs I might call and find out
  4. bradleylarson48

    Bow fishing in Srp canals?

    Srp canals are legal to fish for sure. Those are probably Roosevelt water. I just don’t know if bow fishing is legal
  5. bradleylarson48

    Bow fishing in Srp canals?

    So I know you can shoot carp and cats with a bow. I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s legal to bowfish in the srp canals. I know you can’t shoot grass carp but common carp are fair game. I wasn’t sure if there were laws regulating bow fishing those canals. They go by houses too so I wasn’t sure if I had to follow the 1/4 mile that hunters do with bows. Any info would help thanks.
  6. bradleylarson48

    Vortex Viper HST Riflescope

    You still have this??
  7. bradleylarson48

    Razor 10x42 or 12x50

    So I bought the razor 10x42s. Today. This isn’t my last pair of glass so I’ll give you sometime.
  8. bradleylarson48

    Razor 10x42 or 12x50

    So I’ve been using the classic vortex crossfire 12x50s for the last few years and I wanna upgrade. I want new vortex razor hds before shed season and the spring hunts. I can buy 10x42s now so I’ll have them in time but I don’t wanna be missing out on the extra 2 power I’ve had. Am I gonna be losing a lot going from the 12x50 crossfire to a razor 10x42? I just don’t wanna regret buying them. I really like the edge clarity and low light glassing compared to my crossfires but will I miss the extra 2x? What do y’all run as far as chest glass? Like if yall could only have one pair is it gonna be 10s or 12s?
  9. bradleylarson48

    Otc pig down

    Way more than I saw last year. At least 20 pigs running around.
  10. bradleylarson48

    Otc pig down

    After grinding for 3 days I finally found some otc metro javelina. Made a perfect shot at 38 yards and it ran 10 feet and dropped. IMG_1824.MOV
  11. bradleylarson48

    Turkey down

    Thanks! Dang. We chased bears the rest of the week but didn’t find any.
  12. bradleylarson48

    Turkey down

    Got a turkey. Saw 12 solid bucks and tons of does. Fun week. No bears though.
  13. bradleylarson48

    Coues Hunt

    No we wasn’t full of water surprisingly. It was his first archery deer. He’s killed a 90” coues and a few smaller ones.
  14. bradleylarson48

    Coues Hunt

    Nope. We got it quartered in 45 min. Then packed it out in one trip
  15. bradleylarson48

    Coues Hunt

    Yeah his ears were massive. But he weighed less than a hundred pounds.