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  1. bradleylarson48

    Big Coues Buck Hit! Need help....

    My buck did not bleed at all but I got both lungs. And the blood the did spill at the initial shot looked identical. The only reason I found him is cause I walked the wash I thought he ran down. He was about 250-300 yards downhill from where I shot him. Good luck
  2. bradleylarson48

    help coues unit 24b

    No my Dad does construction and i think he uses them too so the hat just ended up in my room.
  3. bradleylarson48

    First deer ever!

    I’m going out today after school to see if I can get a bigger buck for my 2020 otc!
  4. bradleylarson48

    Otc tag questions

    I just bought the tag so I’ll still put in for bonus point only and hopefully get a big buck this weekend. Just bummed it will be my only one this year.
  5. bradleylarson48

    Otc tag questions

    Quick question, if I buy an otc tag in January and I do not harvest will the tag still be valid in December? Or is each month a new tag?
  6. bradleylarson48

    First deer ever!

    Yeah I actually cut my knuckle when I was doing the euro mount. But it wasn’t very bad. I’m definitely going to buy some though. He ran about 250 yards but I did get both lungs.
  7. bradleylarson48

    help coues unit 24b

    I’ll make a separate post about it. Okay I just posted full story and videos and pictures. On my page.
  8. bradleylarson48

    First deer ever!

    Story of my first deer. (Shortened) After glassing, and stalking other bucks I eventually found myself at the top of a ridge overlooking a wash filled with cattle. As soon as my eyes focused on a calf I saw the white bottom of a 2 point buck jump behind a bush. I briskly started walking to get even with the buck as I was on top of the ridge and he was in the bottom of a wash. I was using an ultimate predator decoy, a silhouette of a doe that I Velcro on my bow, to hopefully lure in the rutting buck. I chased him from ridge to ridge til eventually I cut him off and waited for him to walk right in to me where the wash ended. Seconds after stopping my movement he emerged from behind a bush at about 65 yards. His eyes immediately locked on me, the doe decoy, and began walking right towards me. I ranged the cactus 17 yards in front of me that he would have to go around. I drew my bow without him noticing because of the decoy. When he approached the cactus he turned broadside to go around it and that’s when I let the arrow fly. The Rage broad head penetrated deeply into his vitals from what I could tell at the moment. Instantly blood spurted out of him and he took off down the wash he came from. After waiting an hour I started tracking. After finding little to no blood I eventually made my way back up the wash where I thought he was. I found a large puddle of blood and 10 feet farther there he was; crashed in the wash. I had finally killed my first buck and it was an archery otc hunt. It took a lot of hard days, sleepless nights, and practice to get it done but I did it. Super happy for my first buck. He’s not a monster but for my first deer I can’t complain. Thanks everyone for all the tips and advice. I couldn’t have done it without y’all. 9F8FCEC8-3952-4732-83AF-844D2E2DF364.MOV
  9. bradleylarson48

    help coues unit 24b

    I’ll make a separate post about it.
  10. bradleylarson48

    help coues unit 24b

    Hahah yeah but i still learned a lot from everyone on here. It helped me get my first deer.
  11. bradleylarson48

    help coues unit 24b

    Thanks guys couldn’t have done it with out you.
  12. bradleylarson48

    Duck Hunting lower salt river

    Do you just hunt the stock tanks on the state trust land? I found some around a canal at the end of ocotillo but not really sure of those spots are good or if I can even hunt them.
  13. bradleylarson48

    Duck Hunting lower salt river

    Sweet I found some stock tanks on onx so I’ll try to see if I get anything. Thanks for the reply!
  14. Hey y’all, I want to go duck hunting I’ve got the gun ammo and decoys, but I was wondering if you where allowed to hunt ducks on the lower salt river. Any tips on duck hunting in Az would be nice too thanks!
  15. bradleylarson48

    Archery otc help

    Alright thanks!