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Handgun Bullet Limit

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Again? 6 year old thread....3+ years since last post. Let it die an honorable death.

I think he is trying to draw attention away from BC777
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Call G&F they will tell you there is a limit to number of rounds and it is 5 for any semi aout FIREARM period. And handguns are firearms.


Time to let this thread die, but this post needs to be corrected. A little over five years ago the Legislature amended Title 17 to strip the Game and Fish Commission of any authority to regulate magazine capacity. The change is found in ARS 17-231(A)(3).


17-231. General powers and duties of the commission...


A. The commission shall:...


3. Establish hunting, trapping and fishing rules and prescribe the manner and methods that may be used in taking wildlife, but the commission shall not limit or restrict the magazine capacity of any authorized firearm.


So, your statement does not reflect current law, and if you call Game and Fish they will tell you that they are not authorized to restrict magazine capacity--with the exception being hunts for federal migratory birds, where the federal law preempts state law.

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