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2012 Early and Archery Elk Review! Lots of HORN!

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With the general deer hunts complete I have a little time to do some much needed updates on the blog. We have harvested some awesome mule deer in 3A-3C again this year but first a little review on what happened on the elk hunts so far.We started out with my Guide Ken Owens putting the first elk on the ground. Kens hunter Lauren had traveled 18 hours from his home town in Virginia. On day two Laurens PSE bow hit the mark.Great job Ken and Lauren.


I was next up in unit 3A-3C. I was hunting with Glen. He had made the drive from L.A. to hunt with us. Glen had been on 8 elk hunts prior and had shot one arrow with no success. I made Glen pass on lots of elk prior to this bull making an appearance at 28 yards. Glen made a perfect shot and the elk never left our sight.


After Glen had killed I went over to help a good friend that had the 3A-3C archery tag also. Two days into helping Russell connected with this awesome elk.



With the archery hunts complete we got to break out the rifles and muzzle loaders. We had hunters in units 1,3b,3a-3c, and 4b.In unit 1 my guide Phillip and his hunter Wayne connected on this awesome bull with a 8 inch kicker on the left side to go with the additional 7 points per side the bull already had made for an excellent trophy. They had hunted numerous days and passed on over 30 bulls before putting the scope on this big old bull.


Guide Josh and hunter Gary were hunting unit 3b with a Muzzle Loader and we all know that 3b is not know for its great quality. Josh made poor Gary pass on over 50 bulls before they finally found the bull they were looking for. The 2nd bull they passed Gary looked over at Josh and said that "today is that bulls lucky day, cause if you were not here he would be dead".


Myself and John were hunting 3a-3c and were looking for a giant bull to put his tag on. The only issue I had was that two of my giant bulls had broke horns during the archery hunt. Here is on of the bulls that we watched late in the archery hunt but with one day before the rifle hunt started this bull broke one beam off just past the fourth point. Sorry for the poor quality of this pics the bull was a long ways away and with low light so we gave up quality of the pic not to spook this bull.


Then with one day before the hunt started good friend Dwayne and his son Zack videoed this awesome bull. We tried but never could seem to be in the right place to harvest this bull, matbe next year.


Then with only one day to go John and I found this awesome bull just before shooting light evaded us his bullet hit the mark and his hunt was complete. The great thing was Jed got the entire thing on video. I will post it later.


Next we go over to unit 4b and guide Ken on day three brought down this beautiful bull with a long 50 yard shot. This AZ bull is now back in the great state of Georgia.


A huge thanks goes out to all my guides for making Koury Guide Service what it is today. I could not do it without them. And a HUGE congrats goes out to all my hunters....



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Congrats to your hunters and guides on some nice bulls taken.




Its nice to look back and see these awsome bulls. Thanks for posting and sharing

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Shane you guys had another great year in 3c as usual, when are you going to post up all those great ones from this year. I've been waiting.

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