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  1. couesmagnet

    12BW Late Solo

    Hey bro camp with us. A good friend has the tag. I know the unit really well. We have one tag in camp and several really good dudes coming up to help. I’m sure you would be welcome in our camp. Pm me if your interested.
  2. couesmagnet

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    Bob, we met you on the way home from the bab. It was in Cameron driving from gas station to gas station trying to find one open. Your buck looks bigger in person than in the pics. Nice buck!
  3. couesmagnet

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    I agree. It wasn’t my tag. I was just helping a friend. He was super stoked with the bull. It was his first archery elk.
  4. couesmagnet

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    I was in 11m for the first hunt a total of 9 days. Was one of the worst elk hunts ive ever been on. Brutal more like it. Very little bugling. We killed a herd bull that had 42 cows and it wasnt even a 300 inch bull. Tells you something when a herd bull has that many cows, and isnt very big. We felt very blessed with the bull. It felt like the bull was 360 though with how hard it was . My first experience in 11 m was a let down. All hunters we ran into had the same story as ours. Everyone said last year was great though. Good luck.
  5. couesmagnet

    Whats the Worst Archery Antelope Hunt?

    There's some huge bucks in 3 b north. Found one a friend killed that went 85. It's been several years but you have to get in nice a close to the meth heads in that unit. Bulls also like the meth heads hang outs. Makes things interesting.
  6. 30 30 open sights makes it extra fun
  7. couesmagnet

    2018: What’s ur bull goal this year?

    365 plus.
  8. couesmagnet

    Same deer shot by two hunters

    I lost a 240 plus buck in the Kaibab in 91 the same way. My shot was better placed though and the deer Only went another 60 yards from where I dumped him and he laid for over 3 minutes. Sucks. The other guy got the deer in the end. Navajo Indian with a 30 30 open sights. Ended up shooting a 221 buck 45 minutes later. The other buck was way bigger though. That's hunting for ya.
  9. couesmagnet

    Wild Horses???

    The res shoots several horses a year on the down low. This i know for a fact, and my hats off to them for doing it. Why is it that if a mountain goat wanders into the strip from utah you can shoot it as a feral animal, but you can't shoot a feral horse?
  10. You could run the bake sale though if you would like. While the raffle is in full swing.
  11. Or one big raffle tag sale. We could all eat the baked goods while we enjoy the raffle together. That was easy. I don't care how many raffle tags ha e to be taken from the draw. If I can buy tickets for that raffle that's my second chance at drawing for the year. And the odds of drawing wouldn't be much diff than the normal draw odds for coveted tags. That was easy!!!
  12. Then I don't understand why raising tag fees wouldn't take care of this emergency. Our deer , elk , antelope tags are super low. There isn't a single member on here that wouldn't pay double for one of those tags. If people are willing to wait 25 years to get an antelope tag they would certainly pay a 125 or more for the tag now. What is an antelope tag cost right now, like 75 dollars. And throw in the public to donate. I think the average sportsman should be put to the test. This doesn't have to Involve being knee deep in an organization. It could just be ones pocket book. Who cares who's pissed off at the game and fish if they raise tag prices, in the lomg run everyone's going to still put in. Everyone knows this. Have a separate habitat stamp or something sold that's dedicated to education. Heck have a stamp sold that's to keep auction tags from increasing. The anti auction tag stamp. Maybe have the organization that's for this tag grab put together a list of other alternatives and have the Sportmsn vote on various other ideas. A couple on here keep saying to get off our keyboards. Maybe it would be easier to have the groups representing us to broaden their horizons and look outside the box of auction tags. Which is easier to do get everyone off their asses and keyboards or the group representing us already go back to the drawing board ruling out auction tags and see where those " Smart " minds come up with,,with all that brainpower. I would bet if some dude offered to pay for the monies so desperately needed For this initiative that this group wouldn't accept that and still would go after the tags. Someone please tell me how the sfw model hasn't been the most dividing for Sportman in general, and cite how it hasn't been that dividing. Thank god the average Jo isn't as stupid as this group thinks we are. " get off your keyboards and do something" isn't a valid response to what's being purposed. These are the same people saying this that whine about trump / Obama on political forums but do just that sit there and whine on their keyboard. It's a childish answer from someone trying to ram something sour down your throat. I'll bet when they whine about their gripes about Obama or trump they don't go down to some political group and volunteer the next day. Just saying.
  13. I wasn't screaming about tag fees. I said double them if you need to. The tag fees are a bargain as it is right now. If raising tag fees kept the " few" from benefiting from this tag grab I would pay double tomorrow. Triple the auction tags and have them go to a raffle. We could all play bingo together at the convention with fist fulls of raffle tickets. One table a plumber jumps up with the number called for a tag , and the next table a billionaire jumps up winning his called number. Everyone having fun together sounds great. Why not??
  14. I hate seeing one class of people being catered to with the outcome(auction tags). I don't care what class of people it is,,from a convict with empty pockets or the richest of the rich there's something wrong when one class is benefiting the most. If this iniciative benefited the average Jo more than the rich I would be against it also. It has nothing to do with class warfare in any way, and is all about a specific few getting more access to more tags. Quadruple the auction tags needed to generate the money and make those raffle tags. Then everyone pays the price on availability of said tags. They can hold a giant raffle at the proposed new convention and guess what they will probably have a bigger turn out on ticket sales than Utah. Anything but the Utah model which has shown to be very divinding for sportsman in general. Any questions about this go read any post about the sfw on any site, none of its not dividing. There's lots of sportsman that avoid the Utah convention just becasue of the feelings that many are expressing on here about tag Grabs and auctions. Has the group representing this new tag grab set up some kkmda site where you can donate funds to avoid the tag grab. Maybe put the average sportsman to the test and give it a trial period where they can donate and maybe everyone would be surprised. Of course there would need to be total transparency on those funds donated also. Listen it's great that these groups want to help but I still stick to the fact that the fix is always more access for one class of people. There are millions and millions if not billions sitting in the average Jo's pocket collectively. Why can't that be tapped somehow. These groups know how to do this but most likely that isn't going to be put forth becasue of the actual intentions this group has with generating more money for themselves in some way and so the one " chosen " group of people gets what they specifically want and that's more access to tags. I have a simple fix, set up a fund where the rich and the lowest of all classes can contribute. Complete transparency on those funds available on the Internet and let the fun begin. Everyone in one boat all fighting for the same end result. And everyone pulls the weight of each or equally,, as in classes of peolle. The sfw/ Utah model is a joke and so are the people that run the sfw. Nothing in the history of hunting could be more dividing to the sport than the sfw model. Inherantly it reaks and envokes class warfare with its model the way it's set up. Spare me there isn't a better way. What we have here is one group that actually got together to help , and I applaud them for that, but this group came in with the blinders on and just said lets raid the cookie jar and sell it to the select few. End of Meeting. The list of things or ways to do this raising of funds had one entry and that entry was " get more tags" for auction. If someone asked how about the second idea on the list they were lokked at with evil stares or the most dumbfounded face you've ever seen casue there was no second Idea on the list. And would bet there wasn't a second idea given any thought to becasue it wouldn't have benefitted just one class of people. Pay attention to who supports this fellas. Remeber their stance for the future. Pin down some of the people on here and make them say where they finally stood on this when it passes. Remember who rallied for it , and remember who helped it get passed. I have a feeling many will never give you their answer ans you will know why. Becasue they know what this is about and it's not the feathers you see on the outside stapled to the wolf underneath. When this is all said and done ask your big names in the industry to publicly announce where they stand on this. I have a feeling the sneaky ones will not answer that question.