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WTB/WTT(for) 9mm luger dies

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Trying to find a set of carbide 9mm dies, with taper crimp, not roll. Not wanting to pay 2x-3x on ebay, so I figured I'd try this forum. Willing to pay normal prices/cost for new dies, adjusted for used. Trades on my end would be pre-stupid prices too. Trade straight up or w/cash on either end depending on what's involved.


For trade, I have the following:

Primers- CCI BR-4

9mm-115gr and 124gr bullets

40s&w-gallon bag of once fired brass

44mag-once fired brass, 50ish

25-06-RCBS FL dies, lots of brass(NIB win and once fired mix), approx 40 115gr accubonds/ballistic tip(mixed)

308cal-Sierra 220 BTHP match, open box of 100, maybe a bullet or two missing, would need to count

Assortment of loaded factory ammunition-22lr, 223, 5.56, 9mm, 38spl, 357mag, 45acp, 300 WM, 308, 30-30

1lb cans of WST powder




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I'll have to look around but I bought a 9mm luger that included dies and hundreds of bullets, but I don't reload. If I can find them I will post again and I would take the normal price for them. They may be in storage though so not sure if I will be able to locate them.

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