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Need help figuring out draw charges

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I'm usually pretty good with numbers, but I can't figure this one out. I went back and checked my receipts when I put in, but it's still not adding up.


3 adults put in for general turkey

4 adults put in for archery javi

1 adult put in for spring bear

1 adult license bought ($54.00)


Charges on our card












turkey $25.50

archery javi $28.75

bear $29.75


I'm thinking the $84 is for javi and the $54.00 is my son's license and the $7.50 may be for spring bear not getting drawn. I definitely need some help deciphering it please :)



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On the 9th was all license and app fees. On the 28th $54 is 3 turkey tags and $85 is 4 javelina tags both minus the $7.50 application fee that you already paid on the 9th. Not sure what the $4.00 is.

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