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  1. mr.smith

    NM hunts not cancelled

    I'll be hunting New Mexico as well. Staying for the first week. Hopefully I can find some cooperative birds.
  2. mr.smith

    Post up your success in tags

    11M first hunt for the wife and I.
  3. I can't believe it. My wife and I got drawn for elk again! We had early archery bull tags last year. Put the same choices this year and got the same result. Maybe we'll get lucky and an antelope charge will show up too. She has 16 points.
  4. mr.smith

    36B BANWR Road Closure

    Hello everyone, well 36B hunters anyway. Just wanted to let you all know about a road closure on the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. We'll be doing road work on the Pronghorn Drive auto tour loop From December 2, 2019 to February 12, 2020. This will affect access to other parts of the refuge and the adjacent Forest Service lands. See the attached Public Notice for further details. This may affect December tag holders and javelina hunters. You'll still be able to get to most places, just have to take a less direct route. Sorry for the inconvenience. It will be a much better road when the project is done.
  5. mr.smith


    Seems like it's the IP associated with the tablet I use for a hotspot. I switched to a hotspot from my phone and now I can get on with the laptop. SO how do I get the tablet unbanned?
  6. mr.smith


    I don't think there's been 15 drawn tags between the wife and I yet. We're not very lucky in the draw... Well, maybe javelina tags...
  7. mr.smith


    But I came right back... And now live in coues central.
  8. mr.smith


    Does this meet your requirements for a post lancetkenyon?
  9. mr.smith


    I tried to open the page on my laptop and it says I'm banned. I can login on my phone. I haven't actually posted anything in like 2 years so I don't think I ticked anybody off. Anybody else suddenly banned?
  10. mr.smith

    Super raffle

    I can't believe I didn't win. Sheesh, first the AZ draw and now the super raffle. Another big fat Not Drawn. Come on archery deer! I know I can get that tag
  11. mr.smith


    Post GPS coordinates on the internet with pictures of a big buck. He'll have all the company he can handle. You were not wrong to put a camera where there was not one. He was wrong for touching something that does not belong to him.
  12. mr.smith

    Hunting Hawaii?

    I'm on the Big Island. When I bought my licence I just went into the DLNR office and showed them my hunter ed card for the exemption. They did it right there. The license for a NR is $115 and that includes everything. It's $10 cheaper if you don't intend to hunt birds. You do not need to register your bow with the PD only firearms. The link to the regs has already been posted. Here is a link to the hunting page at DLNR: http://dlnr.hawaii.gov/recreation/hunting/mammal/ Most hunting areas are only open Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. Year round Bird hunting is Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays from the first weekend in November til MLK day. Spring turkey is the whole month of March. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see if I can dig up an answer.
  13. mr.smith

    30-378 weatherby mag

    I own one of these and can attest to how sweet it is. The kick with the muzzle break is akin to a .243 and I'm not bs'ing, mine has a heavy varminter stock and good pad and my tiny wife shoots it with ease. The asking price is super fair too. The only place this rifle hurts is the sound(never shoot without hearing protection(no, really)) and the ammo. 30-378 will shoot absolutely flat to 300yds and with practice it will hit 1000+ consistently. Bump for a great rifle.
  14. mr.smith

    The Dog

    Are you coming up here or headed to the Whites? I've heard of more ducks over there but, I live in Flagstaff so I'll hunt around here. Just gotta find 'the' spot. Gonna scout a couple more places today.
  15. mr.smith

    The Dog

    I'll be out there. Haven't decide where yet. Despite all the rain a lot of the marshes are dry. Not sure where all that water went.