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  1. coatimundi01

    Where did you put in?

    I did all sept archery bull. 27/1/27/1 and got drawn! Probably 27 again, so two years in a row of chasin sept bulls in 27 for me!
  2. coatimundi01

    Two years in a row!

    Had a few opportunities the second week, drew back on another 5x5 that hung up in the thick stuff, stalked a ginger/blonde spike and the wind busted me. Busted a 5x5 that was sneaking in on me silently... Got to some bugles too late in the day and it got dark. Zigged when I should've zagged...
  3. coatimundi01

    Two years in a row!

    It was my first ever elk tag and the elk made me learn a few lessons the hard way. I went solo all except one day as well so it was definitely a learning experience. I had opportunities. Opening day I called in a nice 6x6 and he busted me moving into position because it sounded like he was farther than he was. Next day I had a 5x5 I drew back on, had him at 45 yards and he stopped behind the thick stuff and only popped his head out. That time a decoy or a caller back behind me would've done the trick. Opportunity on a raghorn that they didn't give me a shot. Snuck into two bedded bugling back and forth and I stopped short and tried to call and I blew him out when I should just stayed quiet and snuck into him. Got to 120 yards of the other bull and his cows busted me. First Tuesday I walked up on a little 6x6 and he spooked. Right after that is the one I regret. I walked up on a big 6x6 taking a tree with 8 cows right behind him with an open area in between us. I was about 100 yards away and he's just raking this little pine. I think to myself there's no way I'm sneaking in with 8 cows watching so I try to call him away and he ended up packing up his girls and taking off. In hindsight, I should've just got in there as close as I could, only needed 30-40 more yards to make it a 60-70 yard shot. He was taking the tree without a care, he wouldn't have heard me or noticed his cows took off before it was too late... Oh well. I have the images of the bull on opening day and this bull burned in my head.
  4. coatimundi01

    Two years in a row!

    Well, my last thread I started was also called "two years in a row" in the javelina forum for sticking one with stick and string two years in a row, and I get to title this thread the same! I drew 27 sept bull last year and ate tag soup, and this year I get a chance at redemption! I'll be chasing bugling bulls with stick and string two years in a row! Don't mob me! Lol
  5. coatimundi01

    Card Hit

    I'm a little late to the party, but I drew again this year! 27 sept bull choice 1, and 1 sept bull choice 2, so probably 27 again. I couldn't believe it when cards got hit that Friday! I asked my wife 3 times, "it's EXACTLY $135? $135 on the dot?"
  6. coatimundi01

    Two years in a row!

    I haven't been here on CWT too much lately, but here's my archery piggie from the HAM hunt this past feb! Hunted parts of 7 days out of the hunt and never glassed up a single javi. They were there the week before but never found the big herd I snuck up on for fun the last weekend of archery deer. Ended up getting on a herd the opening Saturday with Nick walking the flats and tracking but never got a shot off. Tuesday I got on another hot trail in the flats and jumped them in the prickly pear flats at 20 yards and never got a shot off. Lesson learned to keep looking up and not get tunnel vision looking at the tracks on the ground! The last day, monday, I woke up late but headed out anyway. Glassed for a couple hours and wasn't seeing anything so I decided to try a new wash in the flats. Parked the truck and started walking and within 50 yards I had picked up a fresh trail. Lost the track a couple times but picked it up again after making a 15 yard circle. Easy to lose which way they're heading when they stop and feed and zig zag all around a cactus! They were generally headed into the wind and I would catch a whiff every so often so I knew they were close. Arrow nocked and slowly creeping a few yards at a time I finally see one flanking at about 40 yards. I keep slowly walking up and one of them walks in front of a cactus and starts back tracking to me. I come to full draw and he stops facing me head on at 20 yards. About 30 seconds of staring each other down he turns broadside and that was all she wrote! Dressed out to 39lb and was a little boar. Best part was I was only maybe 1/4-1/2 mile from the road and my truck! Last year I took my first big game animal and it was a javi with a bow, and this year I took my second and it was the first animal with my new bow save for the jackrabbit I got the day before! Reiterates my belief of always at least going out and trying on the last day even if you haven't been seeing much because you never know! Ended up finding 4 muley sheds including a matched set that was 10 yards apart and a dead head that scored at 140" all broken up. Fun pig hunt with friends again, looking forward to next year!
  7. coatimundi01


    I like to be prepared for a kill and taking meat back and carry enough water food to stay out all day if I need to. I use an Eberlestock X2. I've thought about getting one of those glorified fanny packs with shoulder straps but what happens if I kill way back in the sticks. Gotta hike back tohe truck just to get a pack to carry meat.
  8. coatimundi01

    Ross Outdoors Burglarized

    Just did a quick google search of your guys' list. That's like $15k retail... I hope you guys find the SOBs!
  9. coatimundi01

    WTB Bivy

    This is what I always do. Like you said, I'll pack the extra 2-3 lb to have all the space to put my gear in the tent with me, room to change, sit up in my sleeping bag, etc.
  10. coatimundi01

    Mearns Hunting?

    Saw quite a few coveys along the road with plenty of baby quail in 35b this year!
  11. coatimundi01

    WTB Bivy

    Short for bivouac. biv·ou·ac ˈbivo͞oˌak/ noun 1. a temporary camp without tents or cover, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers.
  12. coatimundi01

    2015 archery deer tags

    Will the license be processed and mailed before it's too late? If you buy online, you just print it out at home. When you do, print like 5 copies that way if you ever lose one you have backups!
  13. coatimundi01

    2015 archery deer tags

    They changed the license structure so you should be able to get a license online. It doesn't become valid on Jan 1, they're now valid from the date you buy it for one whole year. So 2015 tag in person, and then buy the license online and it'll be good from today until Dec 1 next year.
  14. coatimundi01

    Scouting for your Elk Rut Hunt?

    Makes me feel a lot better about not getting out to scout all summer since July. I went once, learned some hiking trails, found a couple glassing spots, found some elk.