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Not trying to retire, just cleaning out the garage... Let mw know if you could use any of the following


300 winchester.... Winchester Ballistic silvertip 180 gr. $30 / box of 20.

300 wsm ..... Fusion 165 gr. $30 box of 20

7mm Rem mag.... Remington core lokt 175 gr 16 rounds and 4 fired brass

150 gr 8 rounds and 12 fired brass. $25 for all (spf)

22-250 10 rounds of 50 gr nos ballistic tips 5 rounds 50 gr hollow points ?? 2 fired brass. $10 for all

204 ruger once fired hornady brass 20 pieces $10

22 mag. Cci maxi mag golddot hp speer 46 rounds $15


22 lr winchester super X 26 gr tin hollow point lead free bullets. 1650 fps 12 boxes of 50. $10.00 / box

( this is what my wife paid last month at Walmart have receipt. Not making a dime). (Sold)


It feels kind of cheesy selling ammo, but this is what I have..... Let mw know if you can use any of it..

Whitey. 75 ave and bell rd.


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Pm sent

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