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coues hunter

Remington 700 vls/Nightforce PRICE DROP

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Price drop

$1900 for the package

$600 for the rifle, case, dies, ect.


Sellling my Remington 700 VLS .308 win and Nightforce 8-32x56mm NXS Scope. Harris bipod and rear bag in the picture are not included in this sale.


Rifle will include 15 moa base, Burris rings, hard plastic case, RCBS .308 Win FL die set, 48 or so pieces of Lapua brass(Think a few are still loaded), four boxes of GM210M primers, load data, whatever else if anything that I think to include.


Scope will Include sunshade, Nightforce cover and cleaning cloth.


The scope currently has "balistic turret" style wrap over it. Its literally a piece of paper I printed and scotch taped on. This can be taken off very easily.


I am the second owner of both of these Items. Condition of both are fair. Few scatches on the barrel and quite a few on the stock. Round count unknown. Probably over a thousand by me though. Rifle has always shot very well. Numerous sub .25 moa 3 shot groups at 200 yards. Accuracy at 600 yards sub .75 moa 5 shot groups. All with 168 SMK/R15 combo. I added pictures of various groups fired by this rifle at 200 yards. Your results may be different. I do not make or imply any guarantee.


This setup is pretty heavy by most peoples standards. I'd guess 11-12 pounds.


Currently has ballistic wrap for distance in yards 200-600 and associated windage holds.


Going to offer initially as a package deal for $2000.


If you are intrested in the Rifle, base, rings, case, dies, ect I am willing to sell it all for $650.


If I sell the rifle sepparatly(or if by chance it doesnt sell) then I will sell the scope, sunshade and cover for $1350.


I will look into shipping on a case by case basis for anyone that can't meet me in Tucson. Thanks -Sam.










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If you sell the gun I might be interested in the scope.



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Update, couldnt figure out why the math was wrong in the second target pictured. Its clearly over an inch but says .35 moa. Then i double checked it. Group is 1.1". Then I realized the targets labeled 300 yards. That explains it.

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