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  1. ajohunter

    300 RUM Ammo

    Are these still available?
  2. ajohunter

    Hornady 6.5 creedmoor and IMI 9mm ammo

    I will take 5 boxes of the creedmoor.
  3. ajohunter

    Kowa SV 12x50

    Can you text me please. 602-989-6831. I would like to buy these.
  4. ajohunter

    Outdoorsmans Spur 50 (SOLD)

    What color is the pack?
  5. ajohunter

    FS Vortex Viper PST/SOLD

    Is that MOA or MRAD?
  6. ajohunter

    FS Vortex Viper PST/SOLD

    What reticle is it?
  7. ajohunter

    Outdoorsmans Spur 50

    Where are you located?
  8. ajohunter

    Native American baskets

    I don’t know the maker. These were bought over the years by a family member and I inherited them. There was almost twice as many than in the pic but they sold already.
  9. ajohunter

    Native American baskets

    Selling all together this collection of Seri Indian and Tohono O’dham baskets. Asking $400 for them all. Text or call if you have any questions. 602-989-6831
  10. ajohunter

    wanted to buy....AR-10

    Can you text me info on that 6.5 creed? 602-989-6831
  11. ajohunter

    ISO 12x50 binos

    Anyone have some for sale? Looking to buy on Saturday. Text or call if you want. 602-989-6831. Thanks!
  12. ajohunter

    Mathews Z7 $300

    It is RIGHT handed. 👍🏼
  13. ajohunter

    Mathews Z7 $300

    No trades. Cash only.
  14. ajohunter

    Mathews Z7 $300

    Smoking deal. I’m surprised myself.
  15. ajohunter

    Mathews Z7 $300

    Posting my bow one more time. Dropped price to $300. Comes with Axcel 7 pin sight, RipCord drop away rest. Limbsaver 5 arrow quiver and marching stabilizer. 70lb/28.5” draw module. 602-989-6831