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  1. recurveman

    I declined a goulds tag that was surrendered

    OP - you should go down and scout at some time. There are a ton of turkeys down there and I find it enjoying to watch them gobble regardless of having a tag. Watched a group of 10 gobblers making noise towards the end of March. They would gobble every time I made a noise. Super fun hunt (did it back in 2015) and I would take a tag anytime I could get one. They are REALLY big birds.
  2. recurveman

    Ballistic Media?

    Schedule a trip to a Texas game ranch. I learned a bunch about bullets in Texas and that is an opportunity rich environment. There really as so many variables it is really tough to perform tests that are accurate. If you shoot a deer at 75 yards the bullet may perform very different than if you shoot the same deer at 700 yards. The ELD-X bullet I'm shooting doesn't seem to want to exit an animal when shot under 100 yards. if I shoot a deer at 700-800 yards the bullets seems to stay together better and I will have an exit hole. How do you test that other than putting holes through hair? All critters died too so not sure that it mattered but just interesting to watch the changes.
  3. recurveman


    I don't know what we use to be honest but I'm sure the endoscope is plenty good for what you need to look at your barrel. Basically you will look for copper fouling and throat erosion. Those are easy to see with just about anything. Only issue is getting something inside of the gun.
  4. recurveman


    I don't think you need anything fancy (that one doesn't look fancy). I use one that is super simple. Can't tell you how many chambers I've look down. You will learn a ton by looking down chambers. Best thing you can do is look down a bunch of chambers and see the differences. After about 10 chambers you will notice a very bid difference and tell roughly how many shots are down the tube. The key area to look at is right as the bullet leaves the brass. Also the last few inches of the barrel will tell you quite a bit about how much copper build up you have going on too. Also there is a big difference between chamber jobs from a gun smith. Most factory jobs are rough and a good smith will have the chamber looking like glass.
  5. I have a bell and carlson stock. They do very good and well worth the money. They will have plenty to choose from.
  6. recurveman

    Ballistic Media?

    I have been very fond of using coyotes for this exact purpose. Not sure you will get the desired results with using a ballistic media. If I thought it would react the same in a critter I would do it but honestly I don't think most of the medias are going to work well for testing bullet performance. Going through hide, meat, maybe hone and then a softer internal organ is hard to duplicate with a ballistic media. I have found that bullets that work well on coyotes also do very well on deer. If the bullet didn't work good on a coyote the bullet also didn't do well on deer. Plus it is an excuse to go tip over a critter during the off season.
  7. recurveman

    What number is max. bonus points?

    Go hunt says 39 points is max. Also says that if you have over 30 points and a resident that you will be drawn 100% of the time. I'm in that group with more than 30 points but I'm looking. Would like to apply but not excited about the hunt as it is right now. Sitting a blind for months on end doesn't seem super exciting. Or it could end in one day.
  8. recurveman

    What number is max. bonus points?

    If you have 36 points and apply you will get a tag. It looks to me that they are only offering cow hunts this fall.
  9. recurveman

    Nosler Ablr 210gr .308

    I was shooting the 6.5MM 142 grain ABLR bullets. I couldn't get them to shoot. My issue was huge elevation changes. I would shoot 6-10 shots right where I wanted them and then I would have a couple shots 2 MOA high. Then I would shoot another 6-10 shots where I wanted to and then I would have a shot or two go 2 MOA low. I chased that for months and months. I thought it might even by my shooting or form. Probably put 200 rounds down the tube until I threw in the towel. I'm a big nosler fan but I couldn't get those to work. I changed over to 143 grain ELD-X bullets and never had an elevation issue. Now I have a very nice water line out to a grand.
  10. recurveman

    Raising Quail

    Well I've raised a few thousand bob white quail. Don't do it anymore. You can have fun with it but I don't think there really is any money to be made at it. You need quite a bit of space and it is nice to move them from space to space at different times. I would start the chicks out in an incubator and then put 300-400 chicks in a shed with a bunch of red heat lamps. They are very sensitive to temp changes. You can kill them with heat or cold. Then once they were a few weeks old I would kick them out into a bigger pen that worked OK. Then once they were old enough to sell I would move them into a "flight pen" and let them work on flying. At each stage the water stations and feeders would be a different size. At some point you will start killing some off slowly and you won't know why. My solution would be to fill up a sprayer with bleach water and spray down the entire pen and then bleach out all the water stations and probably change out the food. If you start with 400 chicks you would be lucky to end up with 250 mature birds. It is easy to make the 400 chicks turn into 75 birds though. We learned a bunch and it was a good time. Lots and lots of work for no money. Does take a little investment but I think your kids would enjoy it. Don't forget about chickens. I enjoyed chickens and eggs more than quail. You could sell the eggs and make money with much less hassle then quail.
  11. recurveman

    How old is it?

    that is a very young ram. I would guess he is at about 3 years old or so. They really need to be about 5-6 years old before you start seeing the age rings.
  12. recurveman

    Which rifle to brake?

    There are other options too. You can always shoot reduced loads. Everything in this state can be killed with a .243. I had a 10 and 13 year old shoot deer last year with a .243 with reduced loads. The 80 grain bullet was going 2400 FPS. The 10 year old smoked his deer at 75 yards and had a pass through. Deer went 75 yards and piled up. 13 year old shot hers at 204 yards and it went 30 feet and piled up. She shot a muley doe in the front shoulder and the bullet lodged in the opposite shoulder. Really no need to shoot big huge rounds at critters. For cow elk this year I am going to try and shoot more of a full boat load for elk out of the .243. Not worried at all.
  13. recurveman

    Factory Ammo

    The factory spring will go down to about 2.5# but it is all the way out and if freaks me out a bit. The lighter spring can go down much lower but I think 2# or so is a good spot and that will put a little compression on the spring. Seems like I have the screw about half way in with the light spring and it feels pretty good.
  14. recurveman

    Factory Ammo

    You should be able to find factory ammo that shoots MOA out of the Tikka. I have two Tikka's and they are both very nice guns. I've got one that shoots 1/2 MOA and I really didn't do much load development. I'm sure I could get it much tighter but I don't know as though I need too for its intended purpose. The 178 grain ELD-X's fly good out of my .308. Here is an inexpensive item to buy for your Tikka. They make a trigger spring that is lighter. It is really, really easy to install and it gets the trigger down to 2-2.5#'s. It breaks really, good and I think it makes a big difference. Now it isn't a Jewel trigger but it is much better with the lighter spring and it runs about $10-20 for the spring and about 5 minutes to install. Well worth the time and money. You can also get a 5 round mag for extra capacity really cheap. You will enjoy your gun.
  15. recurveman

    Nosler Ablr 210gr .308

    Don't feel bad. I sent about 200 ABLR projectiles down range before I gave up. I could never get them to shoot consistent out of my gun. I switched to ELD-X bullets and have been shooting tiny holes since. Bergers are probably more accurate I just don't like how they perform on critters. I did shoot one MD with a ABLR bullet and it went bang flop. Just wish they were accurate at distance.