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  1. recurveman

    Seating depth and pressure?

    changes in velocity can be caused by a TON of variables. New barrels get faster for 50-75 shots. If the load is compressed it opens up even more variables and they get extreme really fast. cleaning the barrel during the session. It has been my experience that if the only thing I do to my load is make it longer then I will be a bit slower. Not a ton but a few feet per second. The more I put the bullet into the case the more velocity I get. Normally I don't care about the cause an effect that much. I just want to make sure that the load is super accurate and that I'm not showing a bunch of pressure. Honestly I follow velocity more for accuracy that anything else. Once I find a certain speed for a bullet out of my barrel I want to make sure that I stay right at that same speed to get great results.
  2. recurveman

    High BC, Fast Twist .257...

    cool. Let me know how they perform
  3. recurveman

    High BC, Fast Twist .257...

    lance - have you run those bullets through fur yet? If so how did they work? Are their advertised BC's close?
  4. recurveman

    High BC, Fast Twist .257...

    How is the performance on game with these bullets? Not just great but how was the expansion? Did the bullets get recovered? Exit hole sizes? Weight retention? ECT?
  5. recurveman

    High BC, Fast Twist .257...

    I wonder why they recommend such a high twist rate for their bullets. That is a bit faster than most bullets in the same weight/BC category. It would be hard for me to put another barrel on my gun just to try those bullets. Seems a bit crazy to me.
  6. You obviously need to shoot that 260 more!!!!! You could burn up your powder and barrel and before you know it you will need more of both!!!!!!! Crisis averted.......
  7. recurveman

    Nosler Prepped Cases

    I have had great luck with Nosler brass. I just prime them, add powder and insert a bullet. My gun shoots really small holes for sure with never fired nosler brass. There might be some to gain with brass that is put through dies but honestly I'm almost to the point of just buying new Nosler brass and just filling it with powder and making it go bang. The brass is a bit softer. I have had it to where on the 3rd firing the primer pockets are getting a bit loose........probably because I'm pushing bullets a bit faster than I should during load development.
  8. recurveman

    Rifle Barrel

    your barrel will last longer if you don't let it get hot. I would probably shoot the gun and wait a bit before the next shot. .....or maybe shoot a round of 3 and let the gun cool completely. My top secret method is to bring so many guns to shoot that you always have something to shoot while your barrel burner rifle is cooling down. Here is my advice. Shoot the gun. Find your load and just have fun with the gun. So after awhile your gun starts to loose some accuracy. So what, get another barrel (that is probably an upgrade) and do it all over again. You will honestly spend more money on ammo than you will on the cost of the barrel.......but nobody ever talks about the $1,500.00 - $2,000.00 they are going to spend on ammo to burn a barrel out. Barrel replacement is just another part of the cost of busting primers. BURN IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
  9. recurveman

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    I have a buddy with a sheep tag this year and will also be at the sheep clinic. And if you want to talk mearns I am game. Spent well over 100 days hunting those birds and loved every minute of it!!!!!!!
  10. recurveman

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    If I got a sheep tag in this state I would DIY it myself. If I was a NR then I might consider getting a guide. You typically have a ton of time to scout and a month to get it done. Ask for help. Sheep hunting is different........Everyone wants to help and if you have a female/kid that needs help then even more people are willing to help. Find out who had this tag in the past and talk to them. They aren't getting the tag again and will be more than willing to point you in the right direction. They will probably tell you about a sheep that they couldn't kill or got away and where it was at. Have fun with the hunt. It only happens once in this state!!!!!!
  11. recurveman

    ISO kuiu tent

    I just spent 12 days strait in my KUIU mountain star 2P. I really think you will be much happier with a 2P than a 1P. The condensation with the 1P tents (single wall) are challenging in quite a few environments. My 2P tent had zero condensation and wetness issues. Well worth the extra ounces in my opinion. Tent also made it through some serious winds. Probably in the 40-60MPH range and came out the other side just fine.
  12. recurveman

    Taxidermist conflict help

    Just be happy to get your stuff back and be able to get them to a different taxi. I rarely fight it out with them when I'm getting my stuff back. Getting it back is worth more than the money you might spend. I know more than a few that never got anything back.
  13. Bergers are a really accurate bullet for targets and complete junk for hunting. My results with Berger were the exact opposite. I shot a hole through a deer that had a dime size entrance and exit and did very little internal damage. Hit the deer perfect and it was still alive 30 minutes later when we got to it. Had to finish it off and I wasn't happy about that. I've been shooting the ELD-X and M's for a bit over a year now. I'm also a big Nosler fan but couldn't get the long range accubonds to shoot. We have shot a ton of critters with the Partition (BC of a brick) and the ballistictips. All the nosler bullets performed really well on game. Never had a problem. Not a big fan of the ELD-M's for hunting but the ELD-X's are great. In your case I think you could use any of the ELD-X bullets and be fine. I'm shooting the 178 grain ELD-X out of my .308 and it shoots lights out. I think any of the bullets will perform fine under 800 yards.
  14. Avet raptor reels are the BOMB!!!!!!! They just drag fish to the boat.
  15. recurveman

    Youth hunting round

    Just use a reduced load for the gun. H4895 will allow you to reduce the load by up to 60%. I've used it for my kids and it makes a big difference and then you can make them hotter as they get older and can handle the recoil. From what I've seen the accuracy is still really good but the FPS drops as needed. You might just have to get close to whack the critter......but you will probably have to do that anyways.