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  1. recurveman

    Cat Party

    well I left town June 1st and only have two weekends to hunt. Ran into some sign but no bears. Wish I could have been there once it got hot.
  2. recurveman

    Cat Party

    very good question. It would be hard to guess. I've got many lion pics with two cats and a few with 3 cats in them. I've only got a one pic of 4 cats.....but 5 cats!!!!! That is awesome. Great pic.
  3. recurveman

    Good source on how to judge bighorns

    take pictures and video of rams that you find scouting. Then go find someone that knows rams and ask their opinion. looking at a bunch of rams before the season will help you judge rams. Plus, you won't be quite as excited when it isn't time to hunt. The pressure mounts once the season opens. DON"T FORGET TO ENJOY THE EXPERINCE!!!!!! I have been on a bunch of once in a lifetime hunts with people. The hunter typically has the worst time because they put a ton of pressure on themselves. If the pressure gets to be to much take a day off......go home and regroup. Just don't pull the trigger if you fee exhausted. You only get one of these tags so enjoy it!!!!!!
  4. recurveman

    7-08 shooting faster than it should?

    I have literally never hit pressure signs from the recommended max. I expect to hit 100-200fps more speed than recommended max. Now I don't drive them that fast but the velocity is there if you are a speed demon. I watch my brass and let my gun tell me what is going on. It's great you are tracking speed. If the barrel is new then doing load development for accuracy is not awesome until you get constant speeds. I've found that a new barrel will take 50-100 round to calm down and become consistent. A new barrel will just get faster and faster as you shoot pills down the tube. So, until the barrel gets broken in your speeds will change and that will cause you accuracy issues. If you find a speed that is accurate make sure to remember it. The load isn't the key it is the speed of the bullet that is the key and as your barrel breaks in you will be able to use less powder to get the same speed. Sounds like you are in for loads of fun!!!!!!!
  5. recurveman

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    Good taxidermists are artists. Typically, that mind set isn't suited for running a business. Getting taxidermy back is a game of waiting........
  6. recurveman

    spring bear tactics

    Well I think I have the perfect spot. Heading down this weekend for 3-4 days. I'll see how it goes.
  7. recurveman

    spring bear tactics

    Thanks for the info. I'm only going to be in AZ until the end of May and then gone for months. I'm going to try and find one before June.
  8. So I have a spring bear tag and I'm trying to figure this critter out. I did some calling the other weekend and covered a ton of ground looking at tanks. Didn't see a track (though some places were really rocky and didn't expect to see tracks). What tactics should I use for spring bear. I'm guessing they will be up higher at this time of year but not sure. If I sit water when do they typically come in? Are they like CWT or just whenever? How often will they come to water (daily, weekly, monthly). Do they return to the same tanks? My tag is in 35a and 35b. Not asking for the next hot spot, just trying to learn bears and their tendencies. Thanks, recurveman
  9. recurveman

    Bighorn Massis wheels and tires - SOLD

    bump. Still for sale.
  10. recurveman

    Any luck with Gun Safe in Garage?

    I've had my safe in the garage for 5 years now. No issues. Not sure how hot it gets in the summer but I don't think of it as a big deal. I also have it so it can't be seen from the street. Inside the house is more ideal but I don't think it is a deal breaker.
  11. I've got tires and wheels from my 2018 honda pioneer. The fronts are 27 X 9 on 14" wheels. The backs are 27 X 11 on 14" wheels. I have the original lug nuts too. They have plenty of life left in them I just upgraded to a different tire and wheel. $2000. Chad 480-364-four 008.
  12. recurveman

    Question about 6.5 creedmoor

    I'm not a berger fan on Game. They print great but I have not been impressed with their performance on game. The ELD-X bullets have been super accurate and drop game like rocks. I shoot the 143 ELD-X out of my gun and love it.
  13. recurveman

    Found two dogs Between sonoita and Parker canyon

    Well I found their owner. It was a local. I did some door knocking and finally found someone that recognized the dogs. They were quite a few miles from home and on a grand adventure
  14. recurveman

    Two found dogs between sonoita and Parker canyon

    Well I found their owner. It was a local. I did some door knocking and finally found someone that recognized the dogs. They were quite a few miles from home and on a grand adventure.
  15. Was enjoying a cocktail after dark at camp and in walked two dogs. One is jet black and young. Other one is dark with tarnish ears. Please email me at lilleylakecaptain@gmail.com if you know the owner. Super sweet dogs. They like ham sandwiches and crackers.