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  1. recurveman

    2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 SOLD

    I have a 2018 pioneer and it is absolutely awesome machine.
  2. recurveman

    Suntactics S charger-5

  3. recurveman

    Stock modifications

    The only thing that gives me any concern is where the recoil lug goes into the stock. You would need to bed that so it was a snug fit. The butt of the stock isn't a big deal. I've done that before to decrease the weight or to even add weight to make the balance of the rifle the way I want it. It won't hurt the function of the stock. The barrel channel should function fine too (if the barrel clears the stock). If the "look" bothers you then you could fill it in. I'm guessing he was trying to lighten up the rifle or was looking to add a material to stiffen the stock. Either way I don't think it will hurt the function and I don't think you will be able to see the issue once the action and barrel are installed. So, either fix the current stock (should be cheap and easy) or go by another stock of your liking. I've modified more than a few stocks to either add lead for weight or other materials to stiffen stocks. Fairly standard once you go down the path of making "custom" guns.
  4. recurveman

    PSE Bow 29" 70#

    I have a PSE bow 29" draw with a max weight of 70# with a sight, quiver and arrow rest. Asking $125.00. Chad 480-510-four384.
  5. I have a Hoyt Katera bow with a rest, sight, quiver for sale. Bow is in good condition. Very quiet and super smooth. Really loved the bow but bought the RX 1 and don't need this one anymore. Will make a great bow for someone . Asking $250. Chad 480-510-four384
  6. recurveman

    Suntactics S charger-5

    I have a Suntactics solar charger. Never brought it into the field. Bought it about a year ago. Asking $80. Chad 480-510-four384
  7. I have a goal zero nomad 7 solar panel. Also included is a flip 10 battery pack. Took the flip 10 in the field once and the solar panel has never left my house. Asking $50 for both. Chad 480-510-four384
  8. recurveman

    So where's the stories/pics???

    helped a wounded warrior sheep camp this year. Not my story to tell but it was a fun hunt!!!!!
  9. recurveman

    6.5CM 140 accubond success?

    So this is an easy solution moving forward. I always buy the number of projectiles that I'm going to need for the life of the barrel when buying a new barrel. Not going to tell you how many bullets I have (that I bought years ago) for my 6.5 and .308. This isn't limited to bullets either. I buy enough primers, powder, bullets all at the same time once my load is established. Then I don't have to worry about it until I get a new gun/barrel. I realize that doesn't solve your problem today but that is the solution moving forward. Then everything matches too.
  10. recurveman

    6.5CM 140 accubond success?

    What part of "been having great success with 143 ELDX's" are you struggling with? Keep killing stuff. Don't fix it if it isn't broken.
  11. recurveman

    Montana Unlimited Sheep Hunt

    I did not kill a sheep.
  12. recurveman

    Montana Unlimited Sheep Hunt

    In 2019 after a 3500 feet of elevation gain over a bunch of miles I finally made it up to about 10,500 feet. The first 4 days were spent in a tent or around a fire because I couldn't see more than a few hundred yards due to fog. The next week I had the opportunity to see every type of precipitation come out of the sky. The wind rarely got under 15-20 miles an hour and frequently was 30+ with gusts up to 60+ one evening (didn't sleep that night). So after 12 days in the backcountry I couldn't wait to go back and try it again. I will tell you this much. It's not for the faint of heart. G-bears are real (real thick) and some hunters freak out. Most guys are done in less than 3 days. I've seen guys not be able to sleep and they look like complete crap after 48 hours and pack up and leave. Some don't even make it in to where the sheep are at. I believe it is "possible" to kill a ram in the UL units but the focus of this should be the "adventure" and not the kill. I've found that quite a few guys almost like the adventure more than the kill. The "adventure" will be EPIC. Not all in a good way either. Your struggle will be real......real hard When you think you are in sheep shape.......consider that a good start.....you are half way there. You can't be in too good of shape for this hunt. If you aren't killing deer and elk every time you have a tag then it might be better to work on killing stuff before heading to the UL units. Your opportunities will be very, very limited and you better be able to kill on demand when needed.
  13. recurveman

    Will this affect my accuracy??

    A typical long range bullet will have a high BC so that it will maintain down range velocity better than most bullets. The lead tip bullet isn't one of the bullets that typically has a high BC. The bullet can work great out to 500 yards and might be perfect for your application.