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  1. recurveman

    To Fragment, or not to Fragment..

    I'm not about a pissing match either. Everyone can do as they wish. I honestly couldn't eat meat that I didn't clean myself. Lead scares me a ton less than having a processor clean my meat. I've seen how some of the meat comes back from some processors and I couldn't do it. Me and the wife can clean a deer in less time than it takes to bring the meat to a processor......and go pick it back up. Right on our kitchen counter. I'm more worried about not getting back my same meat, lots of hair in the meat, ect. That is a much bigger concern to me.
  2. recurveman

    To Fragment, or not to Fragment..

    so shooting animals that are lighter I always like a bullet to fragment and dump the energy into the critter. I've seen bullets that don't really expand well on smaller animals and it can create an issue depending on the circumstances. Dropping in their tracks is almost always a good thing. When shooting bigger critters I like a bullet that will stay together to allow for extreme penetration. So on elk I would think about a Nosler Partition and deer maybe a nosler BT. Doesn't have to be that brand but the bullet construction is the key to look at.
  3. recurveman

    To Fragment, or not to Fragment..

    Do you clean your own animals?
  4. recurveman

    To Fragment, or not to Fragment..

    Well my experiences with lead in the meat is very different than what has been experienced by others. I process 100% of my own meat over the last 40 years (probably 200 - 300 cleaned animals) and at no point in time have I ever got a piece of lead (or any foreign substance) in my meat at the table. If done by a person that is competent in the process of cleaning meat then you will never get a piece of meat with a fragment in it. When a fragment goes through the meat it leaves a very obvious spot where it travels. Loosing meat is going to be part of the deal regardless of what type of bullet (or arrow) you use. I've seen different shots cause very different damage while using the same bullet. There really isn't a one size fits all when it comes to how a bullet will react upon impact. Frequently the meat around the impact will not be edible (in my book) just from the blood clotting due to a massive tissue damage. If you put a bullet through the front shoulder of a critter typically you won't get much meat off of the shoulder. In all reality most shoulders on a deer won't provide much meat anyways. Elk will give more but probably not as much as you think. If you put a bullet behind the shoulder and don't hit the shoulder on the opposite side typically all the meat will be in good shape. If you are hunting big game and are really worried about saving as much meat as possible then shoot it in the head. They will drop like a rock and you will loose zero meat.
  5. recurveman

    Barrel vs velocity?

    So I have a tikka .308 that has a 22” barrel. I shoot the 178 grain ELD-X down the tube. Get a lab radar 2725 FPS out of the barrel. I think I could push it more but that is where I ended up. Didn’t try RL powders but I think I could get more velocity if needed. got a 6.5 x 284 with a 22” barrel that I get a chronographed speed of 2910. Again I could do more and I use 4831 in this cartridge with a 143 grain ELDX. my experience with shorter barrels has been great. Shooting a short barrel is fine. For hunting we need speed, balance, manageable weight and accuracy. Speed is only part of the equation. I also haven’t noticed a decrease in accuracy. Gun still shoots really, really tight groups out to a G.
  6. recurveman

    Swarovski BTX

    I have a BTX with a 65 objective. I love mine. You need the right country for them to be useful. I think they really shine from 1200 yards and beyond. Also do well for determining if the critter is something you want to kill at a longer range. There is an adjustment period to get used to them. Getting used to them being angled is quite interesting. Actually locating game and going from 15's to the BTX does take a bit to get used to but now I love them. Probably spent close to 30 days behind the BTX's this fall and they are a must have (after a set of 10's and 15's) if you want to look at longer distances. If weight isn't an issue then I would get the 85 or 95 objective instead of the 65.
  7. recurveman

    6.5 PRC

    This has also been my exact experience. My LR rifle is 9.2#'s and my mountain rifle is 7#. One is good to a grand and the other is good to maybe 600 yards depending on rest and heart rate.
  8. recurveman

    Upgrade scope from Vortex Viper HS LR

    The scope I have is pretty easy to get back to zero. I do however check the gun every time it comes out of the case to make sure that it is at zero. If I'm out for the day I check it WAY to much. Would be great to be able to lock the turret in place. I now understand the illumination. I've had a few times in the past couple years where I would have the scope turned down really low to gather light better. Luckily it was with a different scope that wasn't a FFP scope and I could see the crosshairs just fine. I have struggled with seeing crosshairs before during normal conditions on really low power. Very interesting.
  9. recurveman


    Well that is cool. Probably a young male. I would expect a female to have kittens with her. Get a tag and try to make it happen. They typically don't travel long distances all at once but can have a bigger range. When I target lions I like to know that a lion is in the area before I start calling. You have a prime candidate there.
  10. recurveman

    Backpacking Sleeping bag recommendations

    I run a 22 degree Katabatic quilt and a thermorest pad. It will get me down to an honest 22 degrees too. I've slept in the 20's a few times and been fine. I like a quilt over a mummy bag because of the restriction. Frequently I'll put my puffy jacket on and might have an arm hanging out of the quilt. Not a big deal but I can't take a mummy bag. Typically the quilts are a bit lighter too. As you know everything with down comes with the associated price tag. I custom ordered mine in a wide so it had a few more inches or material.......maybe because I have a few more inches around my middle section.....
  11. recurveman

    Upgrade scope from Vortex Viper HS LR

    So I get why you would want a zero lock and locking turret as "must haves". Why is illumination a "must have"? I am also more of a hunter than shooter and I've never had an illuminated scope and just wondering the advantage that it plays. Thanks,
  12. recurveman

    Upgrade scope from Vortex Viper HS LR

    I'm not against any brand scope. Just looking for a really awesome top end scope. I've shot NF before and I think it could be argued that NF is considered the top scope by many of the competitors on the shooting line. Very reliable and great glass. I do have to say that I shot the bench rest model and didn't think the glass quality was as good as others I've looked through since.
  13. recurveman

    Upgrade scope from Vortex Viper HS LR

    WOW!!! Well thanks for giving me about 10 hours of research to do this weekend. Lots of glass there that I didn't know existed. Very interesting. Do you think the bigger 36MM tube gets you brighter images? Does it work better in low light? Can you get the custom turrets for any of these if you just want to dial up the yardage and go bang in a known setting? Do you feel that 15 power is enough for 1000 yards? I know the quality of the glass can make a huge difference so I'm just curious. I'm a fan of magnification but at some point (about 25 power) it becomes really hard to keep steady in field conditions.
  14. recurveman

    Upgrade scope from Vortex Viper HS LR

    I've had both FFP and SFP scopes. Probably would want a FFP scope. I'm an MOA guy. Probably wouldn't shoot more than 1000 yards unless I'm going to screw around and get crazy but that would be rare and probably only for fun. Most of my shooting is in the 300-800 yard range when I develop loads and practice. Got a BAT machine 6.5 X 284 with a 22" brux barrel pushing a 143 grain ELD - X at 2910 and I would call it an honest .25 gun with days better than that. In the last year the gun has killed CWT deer at 450, 625, 813 and 964 yards. I'm not really looking to spend 5K but I do want the best available scope that fits my needs. I expect to pay in the $2500-4000 range for a great scope. I think another important part is I want a very low starting magnification. Right now I'm at 6X24 and there are times where I wish I had a 3X scope for up close or low light conditions.
  15. recurveman

    Upgrade scope from Vortex Viper HS LR

    I'm thinking BEAST, Atacr, swaro Z8 type of scopes but I really don't know where to even start. Really looking for the best. I'm more of a one rifle guy and want it to be awesome.