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  1. recurveman

    McMillan Stocks

    It says you can't get messages. Will you take $350 for the tikka stock?
  2. recurveman

    McMillan Stocks

    PM sent
  3. recurveman

    McMillan Stocks

    How much does the tikka stock weigh? Does it fit the tikka T3X?
  4. recurveman

    Poker run and guided lion hunt drawing

    You can buy as many tickets from me as you want. Sorry you didn't win. Thanks for supporting a good cause!!!!!!!
  5. recurveman

    Kolpin UTV gun rack

    Basically new Kolpin gun rack. Didn't work in my Pioneer 1000 so I had to go a different direction. Asking $75. Chad 480-510-4384
  6. recurveman

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Just to be the odd guy out. I'm not buying right now to see if this insane demand can relax a little bit. Once it is done then I'll be a buyer. Though I think it is great that you are offering this to CWT guys.
  7. recurveman

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I have shot the 6.5 140 ELD-M bullets into a few CWT deer. The results were not in the same level as the ELD-X's in my experience.
  8. recurveman

    Brass in quantity

  9. recurveman

    Vortex 15X56 Kiabab's

  10. recurveman

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    I've also noticed velocity will have a dramatic effect on expansion and terminal performance. I've shot the 90 nosler BT up to 3300 fps at 100 yards into critters and the bullet will explode into pieces. Then at 3100 fps the bullet will still be intact with about 50% retention. So bullets will perform differently depending on velocity.
  11. recurveman

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    I've now shot more than a few critters with the ELDX bullets and they perform great. The expand quickly and are very explosive. I think they perform very close to the nosler BT bullets. I haven't recovered one yet but they leave devastate game.
  12. recurveman

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    Honestly I think the bullet is designed to go through the air with very little drag (which is a good thing). The issue is the bullet will also go through critters with the same concept. I think the thicker and more dense critters will probably do fine with the Bergers because the bullet will have time to expand. The normal hunting bullet seems to expand quicker than the Bergers but they don't slip through the air like Berger bullets do. I think the ELDX bullets are about the best compromise in a good BC and terminal performance.
  13. recurveman

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    My bullets performed exactly the opposite. I shot a CWT and the exit hole wasn't the size of a .30 caliber bullet hole. The internal damage was very little. I was not happy when the deer got up and took off running when I approached it. Gave me a chance to work on my pistol skills!!!!!!
  14. recurveman

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    I was shooting the 6.5 140 grain VLD hunter out of a 6.5 X 284. Shot a few to many critters where the bullet didn't expand on smaller critters like CWT and yotes. My ELDX, sierra, and nosler bullets don't have the same problem. The ELDX bullets are really close in accuracy to the Berger but the Bergers are just more consistent from bullet to bullet. Terminal performance of the Bergers suffers from my real life testing.