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  1. recurveman

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    I've got a spinner with 80# spectra and normally a 60+ pound short top shot. It crushes fish and you can get a bait away from the boat and into the action. Getting a good bait/jig away from the boat and to the fish is the key. Spinners get a ton of crap on the CA boats but they normally calm down when they know they just got out fished.
  2. recurveman

    Looking for a couple Hornady 143 ELDX bullets

    Just buy a bunch. You will love them.
  3. recurveman

    Tikka T3X vs Savage 110

    I own both.......maybe a few others too😎. I've got the Tikka superlite in .308 and it drives tacks. Absolutely a great gun. I'll tell you the things I really like about the Tikka. I lightened the trigger with a simple change of a $10 spring. It breaks really, really clean and is one of the better production triggers I've shot. Set it at a measured 1.5#'s. Could get down to 2.5# with the stock spring. Then I changed the bolt stop to a long action so I could load the bullets long on a .308 and got a 300 win mag magazine. Works like a charm and was super simple to do. It comes with a 3 round mag stock. I upgraded to a 5 round mag for a little extra capacity. I just think it is cool to have the option. The Tikka rifles are really easy to work on and there are a ton of you tube videos on everything you would want to do to the gun. I just bought a savage and have shot a few others. I don't have as much in depth knowledge about the Savage guns. The ones I've shot did really good. I'm not a fan of their trigger but I'm a bit of a snob in regards to triggers. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either. My guess is the Tikka is a bit lighter than the Savage but it might depend on models too. I'm shooting a 178 grain bullet WAY over max for a .308 and the recoil is very nice. I had other .308's that would beat the crap out of me but the Tikka is built really nice to make the recoil very moderate for as light as the gun is. My gun comes in at 7 pounds with a scope. I could shoot it all day and be happy.
  4. recurveman

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    I hold the IGFA world record for the amount of times throwing up on a fishing boat in a 24 hour period. I can't even tell you how many times I've yacked with a rod in my hand. It's a bunch and I haven't been sick on a boat in a very long time. One word "The Patch". It is the best and really, really helps. Dramamine doesn't even put a dent in it for me and makes me tired too. Patch is the bomb.
  5. recurveman

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    If you are looking for just getting out on the water for a chunk of a day then then a 3/4 or 1/2 trip might be a good option. Sometimes those get super crazy crowded depending on the bite. Normally you won't catch bigger fish. Expect to catch some type of bottom fish with the occasional barracuda or yellowtail. I would think that you would expect to catch some fish on a trip like this. The 1.5 day trips would be a much higher level of adventure. You will basically sleep all night and fish from dawn till dusk. Fishing can be awesome to a boat ride depending on the time of year and what is going on. There will be fewer people but expect to be shoulder to shoulder with another guy on most trips. You will target bigger fish (10-40#). Normally smaller yellowtails, yellowfin, dorado, ect. I would hope that you guys catch a fish but some do and some don't. The only key to getting a fish on this trip is being able to get a LIVE bait AWAY from the boat. Almost all issues happen within 30 feet of the boat. If you have a bait out away from the boat it isn't that hard to catch fish. If you have a 20# bass rod(which I know you have a few) that would be the perfect rod for this trip. Cast a sardine out from the boat and you will get bit. To many guys are worried about bigger reals and short rods. Who cares. A 20# bass rod will get it done with 99% of the fish on a trip like this. On either trip make sure to get the patch. Being on a bass boat is nothing like an ocean boat. I could live on a bass boat and be happy. I will get sick on an ocean boat without the patch. It's very cheap insurance. Plus I hate seeing breakfast the second time.
  6. recurveman

    Gov tag buck

    YES!!!!!! Though I do like my bucks like my women.......a bit on the trashy side.
  7. recurveman

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Calm Down!!!!!! Let's not get crazy!!!! Gas or diesel?
  8. recurveman

    Gov tag buck

    I hired the same guide service.
  9. recurveman

    1.5 Day Offshore Trip

    Don't get into deep see fishing. It will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. You will end up buying a ton of expensive gear and before you know it you will want to go on 5+ day trips. That will result in even more money spent on fish cleaning and probably a bigger freezer!!!!! Don't do it!!!!!!!! It's addicting like cocaine and very hard to kick once you start.
  10. recurveman

    Gov tag buck

    Well I was lucky enough to draw the 13B late rifle tag this year. Also hired this guide. Makes me feel like I should turn my tag back in because I've hired a guide for the first time in my life to hunt an area that I have never been too and might never go back too. Plus, I have a ton of other commitments this fall that won't allow me to spend the time up there scouting like I would normally do. Guess I'll just have to live with "buying a head" and go about my business. For sure won't be putting a pic out if I'm lucky enough to whack one. I'm way past the social media craziness and pressures. Didn't realize everyone hates people that get cool tags and hire guides. FYI - I don't hate on guys that hunt their way as long as it is legal. I don't know this guy personally but he has a skill set that justifies a rather large income. Years ago I decided to figure out how these "rich" guys got so lucky. Take some time to learn their skills and you will have all the money you want or need. It would be life changing........was for me.
  11. I've shot the 147 ELDM, 143ELDX, 140ELDM all the same time with the same powder charge. All shot well under MOA out to 1000 yards. All of those bullets will do their job if the load is right, gun is right and the shooter does their part. I worked up a load this weekend for the 143's that was crazy. Basically it took 8 shots before I didn't hit the bullet hole of the previous shot at 100 yards. If you had good groups and now you don't have good groups something changed. Either with your loading or your gun. Something changed. I've shot the 140 ELDM's at deer and I will not shoot that bullet at deer again. It didn't perform well and took multiple shots to kill the critter and that happened to multiple deer. I've seen good results with the ELDX on deer. The ELDX bullets will perform great once you find the right load and it should be very, very close to the same load as the ELDM's.
  12. recurveman

    WTB Kuiu pack bag

    They came out with a new style pack and suspension/belt. They have old inventory in the outlet. I've got a bunch of their bags and like them. Grab them in the outlet before they are gone.
  13. recurveman

    Top units

    Colorado, Utah, Nevada. I've seen more big bucks in CO and haven't spent that much time in that state. You can get tags really often if not every year depending on unit. Better yet. Hunt MD in the rut with a rifle pretty much every year in MT. Lots of opportunity out there.
  14. I will take it. I live at Higley and Riggs. I'll shoot you a PM and pick it up tonight. Thanks,
  15. What contour barrel are you shooting. The thicker the barrel the less the heat will change your POI. I notice that after about 6-10 shots I start to see heat coming off of my barrel and typically I stop shooting and let things cool off (I have time and don't need to keep shooting). My father in law shoots F-class and they put a material about 2" wide that goes down the length of their barrel. Kind of looks like a mini blind that they velcro to the barrel to stop the heat from going up and looking at it through their scope. The heat is still there but they can still see good. Learning how to read the mirage is super helpful. If you want to read the wind at distance it is a must to learn. There is a difference between the mirage off of your barrel and the mirage between the shooting line and target. If you have time just let your gun cool. If you don't have time then put a cover over your barrel.