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  1. recurveman

    Nosler long range accubond 6.5 142 grain bullets

    I'm located in Gilbert.
  2. I have 400 Nosler Accubond long range bullets NIB (4 boxes). I've got another box that has a few that are of the same lot as the other 4 boxes. Asking $45 per box.
  3. recurveman

    If you use trail cameras for elk......

    elk are really easy to pattern this time of year. Put them out sooner rather than later. Once you find a monster bull that hits the tank constantly.........You won't see him again once hard horned. Back in 2010 me and my buddy had a camera up at a tank and saved every pic from July 4th until the end of archery season. We both killed 350 class bulls off of the same tank. We looked back at all the pics and that was the first time either bull had been to that tank since before the 4th of July. But man I think it is a blast to see the critters on camera. It's a good time for sure but won't really help you with finding a particular bull.
  4. I have the Tikka T3X superlite in .308. The .308 recoils really nice and has been super accurate for me. I'm pushing reloads at 30-06 velocities and the gun shoots lights out and the recoil is pleasant for sure. You will really like the gun. It is more stable that you think for the weight. The balance is really good. I made a few changes. If you hand load you can change the short action bolt stop to a long action bolt stop. Then you can long load the bullets in your 6.5 so you can get closer to the lands. You will also need a 30-06 magazine instead of the one that comes with the gun. I bought a 5 round mag instead of the regular mag. I also bought a lighter trigger spring and will be changing that out this weekend. Currently the gun is shooting 1/2 MOA and I'm super happy with that for a factory gun.
  5. recurveman

    Hornady ELD-X

    I put a 140 grain 6.5 ELD-M bullet through some CWT deer last year. Probably had 6 impacts 2 different deer on deer. I will not be shooting that bullet at game ever again. We recovered one bullet and I had literally found of the copper jacket just below the skin on entrance and the lead was missing from the copper. Loved the accuracy but the terminal performance was not what I like to see. I'm switching to the 143 grain ELD-X bullet. Shoots just as accurate but a little slower due to the much longer bearing surface. I've seen much better results the the ELD-X bullets on game. Proceed with caution.
  6. recurveman

    Hornady ELD-X

    It was to much energy. Having a bullet going to fast can be worse than a bullet going slower with less energy. It just depends on the bullet design, where you hit the critter and velocity.
  7. recurveman

    Hornady ELD-X

    I really like the bullets. They are accurate and have a really good BC. If I was going to hunt moose I would also consider the Nosler Partition as an option. Actually I would choose the partition over the ELD-X for moose because the partition will stay together better than the ELD-X. For elk and smaller I would use the ELD-X. The heavier .30 cal bullets really look appealing if you can load them long. I think you could drive some velocity and accuracy that would buck wind in a big way.
  8. recurveman

    26 nosler

    The copper fouling could be your barrel. I was pushing them at 2950 FPS out of my 6.5 X 284 and didn't have any issues. Though I've had copper fouling in other barrels and bullets with much slower speeds. Honestly I just cleaned a gun that shot great (.243 remington 700) and I soaked it for hours with copper solvent and still couldn't get rid of all of it. Heck it was still copper color in the groves and you couldn't see steel. If it shoots let it rip.
  9. recurveman

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Congrats on the tag. I've been putting in for the goat tag in Idaho because of the longer season and time conflicts of the moose hunt. I really want to apply for the moose tag once I get a few other items handled. Good luck on your hunt. Kill a big one!!!!!!!
  10. recurveman

    26 nosler

    I shot one deer and the copper jacket was just under the skin and the lead came out of the jacket. I got little to no penetration. The ELD-X bullets I've seen have done a very good job. The ELD-M bullets are super accurate but the terminal results are less than favorable. I've probably seen 6-8 impacts with less than desirable results.
  11. recurveman

    26 nosler

    Don't over look the Hornady ELD-X bullets. They have a very good BC. I've shot them out to 1000 yards and they are very, very accurate and the bullets I've measured are very consistent. Shot the 140 ELD-M's, 147 ELD-M's and the 143 ELD-X bullets. I've shot all out to 1000 yards and the results are really good. Shot a deer with the 140 ELD-M bullets last year and I won't shoot another match bullet at a critter. Was impressed with the ELD-X terminal performance on critters though from a buddies gun.
  12. recurveman

    Tikka ctr

    Well it isn't the amount of shots. 6.5CM isn't a barrel burner. If you were to shoot a barrel burner you could get more shots than that down the tube and if it did start to give up some accuracy it wouldn't be that much and it wouldn't be all of a sudden. I would check a couple things. Rings, Scope, tighten your stock. Something changed and it probably isn't your load or barrel. It is probably your stock or scope/mounting that has changed. You could always chase the lands and add powder as needed to get the speed to your original speed. Then you would know for sure that the load and speed aren't the issue.
  13. recurveman

    Tikka ctr

    What is considered "lights out"? What size groups is the gun shooting now? Do you have a known speed from when the gun was shooting good? Barrels typically like a certain speed and if you leave that speed range then the accuracy can decrease. A .067" change in the jump is absolutely huge depending on the bullet. What bullet do you shoot? What powder to you shoot? If you are shooting a powder that changes with the temperature then in the summer you could be gaining quite a bit of velocity and that will affect accuracy. Do you have the ability to look in the chamber and barrel? Do you have a bunch of copper in the barrel or carbon ring in the chamber? I looked in my .243 the other day and the grooves were almost full of copper. I might not have cleaned the barrel in a really, really long time.....but it shoots great. I did spend some time sending a patch down the tube to decrease the copper in my barrel. My tikka just kills it.
  14. recurveman

    270 win barrel life

    To me it sounds like you need to clean the barrel and check your load. Normally a barrel being shot out you will start to get rounds that leave the group for no reason. I would guess that it would take 3K rounds to kill a .270 as a hunting rifle. Most of the time when barrels get shot out it is because of the excess heat from shooting strings of shots in a row. If you are just doing normal hunting/sighting in it would take a TON of rounds to kill the barrel. I would check everything else out first. Grab a bore scope or take it to a gun smith. They will tell you what it looks like at that time.
  15. recurveman

    I want a 280ai

    Oh I went through everything twice. We actually went to the point of bedding the gun and taking the box out just to eliminate that as an issue. I honestly think it is the barrel. It was the worst and roughest barrel we have ever looked down. Including all production barrels. The barrel did look better after 100 shots but was just OK. 200 total shots with hand loads and factory ammo, trigger job, bedded stock, hand lapped the barrel, waiting 5 min between shots, ect. Still couldn't group. At some point you just have to throw in the towel. Now I'm heading out to shoot my tikka and it is very close to dialed in (under MOA in this case) after 2 trips to the range. Had probably 8 trips to the range with the Kimber and still never got close. I tell ya there could almost be a case made for only using custom guns. At least you know they are going to shoot really good and it can be achieved in a quick time and you could save ammo costs, time and end up with a more accurate gun........Or I'm just looking for an excuse to build another custom gun 😉