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  1. Couesnut

    Lab Puppies

    Love me some chocolates........
  2. ya.. He's 15 now Got a nice Wt. & a pig to his credit. Also a 36C youth tag this year It feels like a Long time ago when we met up in 36c...I know I was alot younger then...Ha
  3. Wish I could get a place like to take my Grandson..
  4. Couesnut

    6A December WT

    The southern half burned in the Backbone Fire...May be closed for "restoration"
  5. Couesnut

    Sheep charges

    Fantastic..... Around 30 days scouting,.,. 8 days hunting.. DIY ..took the biggest in the unit. 176.5" I love the lonely desert & that gunnery range..... Back in the day, we had Min. migrant traffic. I think I only saw 2 or 3 people the entire time.
  6. Couesnut

    Sheep charges

    Awesome unit. I had that tag in 1991... A lifetime ago
  7. Couesnut

    Draw Results Posted?

    Blaming the Dept. is like blaming Cops ....Blame the politicians, bureaucrats, Millenniums.,, that do IT work.
  8. Hunted there last year on Fri. The 4th, not the youth camp. but on the GMA.. Very few birds "should have been here yesterday" I know there are a bunch of Dairies / Feed lots in the buckeye area. Guys post here about the dozens of Eurasians all the time. You'd think I was looking for a looking for a big buck honey hole....LOL
  9. Couesnut

    Mexico hesitation

    Love the East Cape....who do you fish with ?
  10. Plus....Sept. has minimal opportunity for mistakes .
  11. Couesnut

    Mexico hesitation

    WOW... I was curios about opinions & experiences. Pretty Diverse. I've been traveling in Mex my entire life. Without any real problems. Just typ. Mex cluster fucks. But that's part of the adventure. It does make me uncomfortable (at times) not speaking much Spanish.....Something I work on ,but regret. Some kind of mental block ?? Mostly love the Country...Ranches, Coues Deer, Beaches, Fishing, Quaint Towns, Hospitable people, etc, etc, Still Going...
  12. They are NOT "Native or "Truly Wild" keep them under control before they destroy all "Native Flora & Fauna
  13. Phx area... It's not when...It's where ?
  14. Any one having second thoughts about the 21 / 22 season. I'd like to hear what you guys think.