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  1. What are you guys using to keep the fingers warm while being exposed during glassing adjustments ? I've been working on this forever. Still cold
  2. Couesnut

    Couesnut 3rd Generation

    Sorry I'm the Old School...I Couldnt figure how to rotate the pics
  3. My Grandson took his first deer on an Oct left over tag. No new fangle Creed...No Super Scope...No TriClamp "Old School", Spot & Get Closer.. .308 Win. VX 3x10 350 yds. Standing, Resting on Tripod, Safari stile. One Proud GrandPa. I love hunting with this guy.
  4. Couesnut

    Uh oh...

    PUSH.................. Lets get back to Hunting in Mex. Safely
  5. With the recent tragedy & violence down south. Any one having second thoughts about this year. I'd like to hear what you guys think. I'm still going.
  6. Couesnut


    Who, When, & Where in Mex. this year ??
  7. Couesnut

    Leica Rangemaster 1200 RF

    Still available ?
  8. Couesnut

    Baja East Cape

    Martine Verdugos place next to La Palamas....better bargin... better boats
  9. Couesnut

    1 for 2

    Had a great few days with my son Seth. He took this 96" buck on the 28th. I passed on a few decent Bucks, Just never found the one I wanted.
  10. Couesnut

    NM Mulie

    Jeff, I should have looked longer at that HOG the other day in the parking lot. Congrats on filling a dream. DH
  11. Couesnut

    Ruger LC9

  12. Couesnut

    Ruger LC9

    This a nice CC. Bought for my daughter but she prefers the Bersa.
  13. Couesnut

    Ruger LC9

    LazerMax Red dot sight .. I'm in the N. Valley, or Tempe
  14. Couesnut

    Ruger LC9

    NIB Ruger LC9 with Lazor sight, xtra mag & 200 rounds $400.00 OBO
  15. Couesnut

    then and now! ?

    More Elk = less Mule deer ... simple