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  1. Couesnut

    Caye Caulker Belize Flats Fishing

    Thinking of Belize myself....any Dos & Don't ? not just the fishing ?
  2. Couesnut

    46A and B Mule deer

    I spent a lot of time in 46A back in the 90s..Never saw a good buck, but did find o few good sheds.
  3. Couesnut

    35B late season rifle and glass

    I'm curious as to which outfitter is pounding that unit & not the adjacent ones ?
  4. Couesnut

    2025 DIY

    Now that AZ draw is out, maybe added responses to my inquiry ??
  5. Hi, do you have DIY hunts available for Jan 2025?  Details,... location, cost , what's included. ??

    I've hunted Mex for 25 years, so I'm familiar with the Geographic's

    Dave...aka Couesnut

    1. Couesnut


      Good Morn.

       Any update on Jan 2025?

  6. Couesnut

    2025 DIY

    Back up ...2025 DIY Mexico ? Let me know.
  7. Where were you , & how do I get in on some action ?
  8. Couesnut

    2025 DIY

  9. Couesnut

    2025 DIY

    Anybody have DIY opportunity for next Jan. let me know. DH
  10. Couesnut

    A few recent outings

    dang !!!
  11. Couesnut

    Are coues deer in trouble?

    All the units get Pounded...maybe not over killed ?? , but Pounded From Aug. /Sept bow hunts ....Early Jr. hunts, .. Muzzy... Oct.... Nov. Coues & Muley... 2x Dec hunts ...Dec/Jan Bow hun. Jan Pig,. Feb/March Pig.. Plus 4 months of Quail.... Every weekend has a hunt going on,. plus scouting w/ SXS... Coues Hunts have become very desirable so guys hunt all season, not just the weekend. Plus all those tags seam to have multi people helping. Every hill has glass. AND IAs by the thousands. Big Bucks are getting harder to find because they've learned how to dig. See "Small borrowing deer" related to the Gofer family.
  12. Couesnut

    Border Crossing

    anybody been thru Nogales ?
  13. Couesnut

    Border Crossing

    Oh ya., been down Many times . Just looking for any updates on Nogales ? Long Lines are not my love.
  14. So anybody cross @ Nogales yet ? What's that shoot show look like? , wait times, delays, security, etc,... Headed down in Mid Jan.
  15. Couesnut


    My own update....early Nov. hunt, No IAs seen. Tons of hunters. No good bucks seen. Youth hunt after Thanksgiving. No IAs seen.. No other youth hunters, a few Dec. scouters. No BIG bucks found, Grandson took a decent forky. Great Hunt Headed to Mex , in Mid Jan. Border looks like a shoot show.....