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  1. Couesnut

    Over the counter tags

    "Take away your guns"................China will love that...
  2. Couesnut

    Over the counter tags

    End the Dec. OTC Tags. stop competing with the Dec Wt hunt. .poor deer are ponded from Aug. thru Feb. Make it a Draw ., The herd will expand. & the Dec. Rifle won't be Cl F
  3. Couesnut

    Best rifle scope regardless of price

    Leupold.....The scope that set the standard
  4. Couesnut

    46A East?

    Very Nice Indeed. The Cabeza is a special place.
  5. Heading south in a few weeks. Any suggestion on Phone rentals. Who, which, where ??
  6. Couesnut

    .308 Win

    Looking for Fed Premium 165 Sierra .BT...Money Talks.. I've been trying to restock for months.
  7. Couesnut

    46A East?

    Hang in there..... Once in a Lifetime opportunity....Enjoy it
  8. Couesnut

    Trail Cam Ban?

    It always starts with the High price guides on the strip & the elk water assholes that need to produce for $$$ ruin it for average joe with a couple of cams
  9. Couesnut

    Late season dove

    I need to get my Grandson in on that. How & where ?
  10. Couesnut

    308 and 7mm rem mag ammo

    I'll take the 168 308 if still avail
  11. Couesnut

    46A East?

    Just curios... Where are you camped at ? The Refuse is kind of anal on that.
  12. Couesnut

    46A East?

    Years back... I found sheep down around Temporal Pass, & South Not many, But still a very cool unit.
  13. Couesnut

    SOLD - "BUCKS I HAVE TAKEN" by Jay Gates

    Jay & Karen live in Chino Valley. He wrote a second book a few years back., which added another 30 or40 Bucks. I'm sure copies are still available. He has the Greatest collection of Trophy North American Deer species. Has to be seen to be believed.
  14. Couesnut

    Here we go again, another call from AZGFD.

    Let me stir it up..... triple the cow tags.. to increase the Mule deer heard.