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Father-son bucketlist bull-bustin' Memory, TLO-style

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Blessed with more bull tags this year, and smart enough to hire Lance and Timberland again! We had bulls and opportunities every day, and did so much changin' it up in the first few days that covered one extreme end of the unit to the other.




Lance took to the time to ensure our skills, equipment and confidence was ready, even assisted with some needed bow tuning.




Having taken a late archery bull in Unit 1 with Lance last fall, I passed on several smaller bulls he called in, and failed to arrow a few beautiful trophies he put on a plate for me. We hunted hard EVERY day, made fantastic and memorable stalks EVERY day! I really became comfortable with the fact that the hunt is the sum of the steps, not the dead animal.




We were fortunate to have Lance's son Ty help us on the second weekend when my son arrowed his bull! No father could ask for a better memory! We started our pre-dawn morning with a bugle that was answered enthusiastically! By the time shooting light was available, 3 bulls were lining up to close in on Lance and Grant's position, brushed into a small Juniper tree. The first presented a 50yrd shot that missed, but the second was lead-in by his herd cow initially to 15-20yrds, then the bull made a fatal mistake by presenting a 35yrd shot.




His 6x7 bull scored 314, but accounted for 417lbs of meat delivered to Casey's in Flag. They actually thought we were off-loading two bulls. A closer look at the bulls teeth revealed a bull that was probably 10+ years old - with teeth ground down to nearly NOTHING! Clearly he was on the decline and his rack was much bigger a few years ago!




I cannot say enough about the commitment, the passion, the instincts and dedication that go into making memories, TLO-style! Lance and Ty do a great job of chronicling the exciting moments and we have tons of pictures and videos of bulls trotting up in response to their excellent calling skills.


From one dad to another, Thank you Lance for my bucketlist bull-bustin' memory! Cant wait for the next!!


Kurt Larson


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Congratulations to your son and great recap! Way to go TLO!

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