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  1. yumabowhunter

    Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX boots for sale

    Selling a used pair of Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX hunting boots size 12.5 regular width. I bought these boots for a backpack sheep hunt but never could get them broke in for my feet. Never been used on a hunt just during breakin climbing local mountain during training. 90% tread left on soles. Price is $350. I’ll pay shipping. Feel free to call or text. Mitch Ford 928-920-4920
  2. yumabowhunter

    Swarovski 1.7x magnifier extender

    Selling my Swarovski 1.7x magnifier extender. original owner. Zero damage to glass. Like new. Fine piece of equipment just never find myself using it. Price is $200. I’ll pay shipping. Feel free to call or text. Mitch Ford 928-920-4920
  3. yumabowhunter

    Swarovski BTX for Sale

    I am selling my Swarovski BTX. I bought this pair when they were first released and I am the original owner. They are in great shape. They show use since they’ve been to Canada on a couple sheep hunts and multiple coues hunts. All the glass is perfect with no scratches or blemishes. The BTX is an amazing tool it’s just not for me. I don’t like looking down for extended periods of time. Price is $2,300. I’ll pay shipping. Feel free to call or text me. Mitch Ford 928-920-4920
  4. yumabowhunter

    Leica 1600 range finder for sale

    Bottom cash $500.
  5. yumabowhunter

    Leica 1600 range finder for sale

    Selling my Leica 1600 (not ballistic compensator) rangefinder. It's 4 or 5 years old and I'm the original owner. Works flawlessly, no scratches on either lense and always lived inside the carrying pouch. $500. Located in Yuma. Mitch Ford 928-920-4920
  6. yumabowhunter

    Swarovski 10X42 EL for sale

    I am selling my Swarovski 10X42 ELs. I am the original owner. I bought this pair 6 or 7 years ago but I don't remember exactly when. I do not have any of the original paperwork, boxes or straps. This glass has been great for me. I had an outdoorsman stud installed when I first bought them. I have used them hard over their life and they've covered a lot of ground with me. I have taken good care of them but they do bear signs of all the previous adventures. The biggest blemish is a scratch on the right objective lense. Some of the paint is worn off on the top of the bridge hinge from going in and out of my kuiu chest pouch. They were sent back to Swarovski last June for a cleaning and tune up. They come exactly as they look in the pictures. I am asking $1,000 and I'm located in Yuma. Mitch Ford 928-920-4920
  7. yumabowhunter

    Slik CF tripod

    I'll take it.
  8. yumabowhunter

    Antelope Pictures 2015 HPO Season

    Wow! Well done.
  9. You people are unbelievable! Whether you agree with his theology or reasons for why things played out the way they did how about just basic respect for the guy?!? He wrote a story telling of his adventure and showing his buck and that's the first thing you come back with? Your comments are down right rude and disrespectful. I guarantee not one of you would say those things to another man face to face. I am far from thin skinned but this is just rediculous.
  10. yumabowhunter

    My archery buck

  11. yumabowhunter

    It finally happened!!!

    Atta boy!
  12. yumabowhunter

    My sons 2014 buck

  13. yumabowhunter

    Danner Pronghorns For Sale

    I bought these boots 1 month ago and have only worn them 2 days while in the mountains. They are too big for me. I'll pay shipping. $100 for the boots. They are size 11.5 EE.