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Carne Seca and Machaca (Coues)

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I made a batch of deer machaca last night and decided to turn some of it into carne seca. After letting the machaca sit over night we dried it on racks in the sun today. Not quite as good as El Charro, but the kids have been eating handfuls and think it's beef jerky!


Any of you guys have any old family recipes for machaca or carne seca? I used his one and just replaced beef with deer: http://hispanickitchen.com/recipes/beef-machaca/



Machaca with potatoes, onions, poblanos, and bell peppers. (Fresh tortillas not shown).



Shredded carne seca to eat plain or mix up with onions, peppers, and eggs for breakfast.

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Could use that right now, banana fr breakfast. Looks good.

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