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Mercer Cage Traps and everything else you need to start trapping

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As much as I hate to part with these items it only makes sense at this point. I have 2 young kids and another one on the way and trapping will likely be put on the backburner for a few years until my kids are a little older and I can take them out. I'll still do a fair share of pred calling in the meantime. Need room in the garage as well.


Everything you see in these pics were used about 6 weeks only before my dad got terminally ill and I literally had to abandon my new hobby. It is all basically brand new and the traps work perfectly and still have the paint on them. Again, only used for a few weeks. Save yourself some money if you are planning on getting into trapping as this is a great package deal. Mercer traps are about the best there is out there.


So up for sale:

Set of 4 Mercer Traps (new are $390)

Ausable brand bobcat urine from pcs website x 2 (new $30)

Approx 7 different lures, some of it used mostly or half full bottles (new approx $50)

60" briarpatch catchpole (new $45)

One Eyed danglers for back of cage (set of 12 $55 new from briarpatch)

Bucket/tools/repair wire/wrench for tightening tension/pre cut black plastic/mini shovel rake, misc items (about $50 in gear or more)

+ Shipping if all this was bought online


Basically this is the perfect start up Kit for a new trapper or someone that wants to add cages/equipment to their arsenal. There is literally nothing you need to buy that I can think of. It's all ready to go. If you add up the value of everything new it is around $620 or likely more.


I am asking $475 Obo for everything. Trapping season is upon us so now is a good time to get prepared. Was going to post on CL as well but will wait and see if a CWT member is interested. In Prescott Valley ---Nate









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Really want to get into this a some point, I just don't have the knowledge or the license to jump on this yet. Yet, so tempting!

Good luck with your sale, and congrats on your little one on the way.

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Thanks rossislider. Trapping is fun, but a lot of work and time also. Ill be getting back into it but will be a few years.

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