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My boss told me a few days before his hunt we only had opening day to fill his tag this past season....work was killing us!!! Then you add the fact we didn't have time to scout this "new" area I had never stepped foot in.


The boss and I arrived at the camp spot meeting the others around 2pm the day before the opener. After talking with others camped nearby we made a game plan, set the tents and scouted the last hour of daylight. I glassed up two small bucks at last light one ridge over from camp.


With a slight breeze I decided to hike about 3/4 mile north of where I glassed the bucks the nite before. As we walked up the ridge I spotted fresh cat tracks. The little canyon was void of any deer as the Sun came up.. I decided to work down the ridge into the wild and glass all the nooks and crannies as we went.


At the far end of the ridge I spotted three bucks and made a game plan. An hour later Bob and I was creeping around the end of the ridge on a steep slope when a nce 3x3 stepped out. Unable to get a good stable rest Bob missed and the buck vanished. We moved around the point and checked for blood and found NONE!

We moved a little further trying to locate him only to find three others. Bob and I set up for the shot 285 yards...1 and done!


Next year we will have more time to look for a good buck and put another 30-06 round down range!



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"Work the Curse of the Hunting Man"

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