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Capt. Don Martin

Follow up on post about Leica customer service from May 1

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Fellow Sportsmen:


Just wanted to give you some more information regarding my post on May 1 regarding the situation with my 15 x 56 Geovid binoculars.


To recap, I had fallen during a sheep hunt in December while conducting a donated hunt for the Arizona Elk Society in Unit 16A, through their Hunt For Heroes program and heavily damaged my Leica 15 x 56 Geovids.


On January 2, 2018, I called Company 7 from Montpelier Maryland, who I found on the Internet as an authorized Leica repair center.


On January 5, I received an email telling me how and where to ship the binoculars back to them for repair.


I didn't hear anything until April 9, when I sent them an email asking what was going on?


The message I got back at that time said they weren't sure if repairs could be made due to the damage to the binos, that they would need to ship the binos to either Germany or Portugal.


Note the binoculars were way out of warranty and were broke during a fall. There was no issue with Leica and warranty repair, I just wanted my binoculars fixed, no matter the cost as they are the glass I use in my outfitting business!


On May 1, I again contacted Company 7 and was told they were still awaiting instructions on where to send them and what if anything, could be done due to the amount of damage.


Needless to say I wasn't happy with this response, as it now had been almost 5 months and soon it would be time to start scouting!


I made a post not only on this site explaining my frustration and disappointment in the customer service.


Then something unexpected happened. On Friday, May 4, I got a call from Doug Paymer, owner of Camera Land (516-217-1000) in New York who advised me he had read my post here, and was a Leica Distributor and offered to help me in getting a resolution to the problem!


And did he ever get results!


I received an email later that day telling me that the emails I had sent to Company 7 had been passed on up in the Leica organization and that I should expect a resolution very soon.


The next day I got a message from Leica requesting I call them in regards to me receiving a pair of loaner binoculars while mine were getting repaired.


I also got a follow up email from Doug, asking if I had been contacted by Leica.


Then on Tuesday, May 8, I got a phone call from Ms. Jennine Jacques, Director of Customer Care for Leica.


Ms. Jacques apologized for what had occurred and assured me that this was not the normal customer service for Leica customers. She informed me that to resolve the matter they were sending me a BRAND NEW PAIR of upgraded 15X56 Geovids at NO CHARGE! She said they were being sent next day air! I couldn't believe what I heard! I had resigned myself that I would be purchasing a used set of these binoculars.


Then yesterday, May 9,my UPS man showed up with the binoculars as promised. And in addition to the these new binos, there was a gift card from Leica!


Now that is what I call customer service!


I want to publicly thank Doug at Camera Land (516-217-1000) for contacting me and making some calls on my behalf. And thank you to Ms. Jacques and the folks at Leica for doing what they did to get this situation corrected quickly!


I'm not some big time nationally known outfitter who has a TV show, writes for national magazines, and is well known nationally in the outdoor recreation business. Nope, I'm a small, independent Arizona outfitter with limited resources who just happens to believe you should use the best equipment available when hunting for yourself or with clients.


I had previously used my old 15 x 56 Geovids for many, many years, on a lot of hunts, and up until I broke them, they served me and my clients very well.


And rest assured that I'll use these new 15 x 56's until I am no longer able to hunt or guide! So thanks again to all that helped resolve this situation.


And if you are in the market for some new, high quality glass, be it scopes or binos, I wouldn't hesitate to contact Doug at Camera Land. He is obviously a straight up guy and there is no doubt in my mine he will work as hard for you as he did for me if you ever have an issue with a Leica products!


If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at 928-303-9481.


Don Martin

Arizona Wildlife Outfitters






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Glad to help out Don. As I've stated on this and many other forums "If you have an issue with any product that we are an authorized dealer for, whether you bought the item from us or someone else, contact us and we will help you out"

That's what being a forum supporting vendor and customer service is all about.

Don, enjoy your new Geovids and be careful with them :)

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Doug truly is the man. Every time I have had even the slightest issue, I call him. He puts me in contact with the right person. Drop his name to that person and get ready to be treated like a Kardashian.

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This is awesome. Doug is a first class guy and not only do they have the best prices out there they have the best customer service as well!!

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