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Avid Reloader Passed Away, Selling All

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Due to avid reloader passing away. Everything must go! Unopened, sealed reload powder of all types, Primers, Brass, Projectiles. See attached PDF for list. Unfortunately no reload equipment. 

I purchased this from a dear widow who needed the money.  I’m happy to break even.  I am looking at selling the entire stock in one sale for $2,200.  The safe is mine and not included in the sale.  Only serious inquiries please. 

Included in sale is some reloaded bullets which can be used or broken down and reloaded if you wish. Either way I’m blowing this out. I want it all gone. Only serious inquiries please. $2,200

It might be easier if you provide your number and we can talk if you have questions. Thanks. 

Reload-Ammunition1 .pdf




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