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Anyone getting any dove on this last hunt? I am going Saturday morning but have not been in years outside of a place that is no longer good to hunt. I used to hunt south of Florence and throughout southern Arizona but that is too far. South of Florence might work but the areas I used to go to seem fenced off now. Want to take my 7 year old son and brand new to Arizona hunter friend to get out. I am in need of help finding a spot within about one hour from basspro area to hunt dove for a morning hunt that is not a war zone and offers some opportunities. Need to be home by noon for daughter’s games.

Yes, I am asking for a spot or area to go once. I have no intention at all of asking for a spot then overrunning it! I have helped others with all sorts of game numerous times in the past, so I am here begging, PLEASE help me find a dove spot for this weekend! Would like to get out and shoot some. Please PM me directly so it does not get publicized. I will not be sharing ANY spots told to me. In advance, THANK YOU!

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