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UHD Razors

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19 hours ago, wildwoody said:

Hoop there it is..

It is just a cruel thing to do to yourself to invite Swarovski to a Vortex party. 😂 but honestly the Cabela's Euro were my preferred  glass over and non HD swaro 15's. The edge of glass on Meopta not as sweet as center but these aging eyes prefer more light which the HD Euros provided. Edge of glass was still better in non HD swaro but light was priority so I never cared if deer on edge of glass looked like I was tripping on LSD. These Razors have the same clean edge as Swaro but the object themself just do not have the definition you get with swaro or Meopta. Again not fair to compare 15's and 18's and I assume the black rock I was looking at was just sucking the light out of the 18's. I really like Razor 10's & 12's so I would love to see the UHD 10 & 12's.

If they produce Razor 15's I will buy a set!


🦌For now the Razor 18x56uhd and Meopta/Cabela's Euro HD will be for sale. I will be enjoying Swaro HD this year.

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Ya I went to a doctor's party, but man can I see further then I would ever walk. Enjoy those HD's there awesome. No more parties for you.

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