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I was fortunate to draw the premium deer tag in New Mexico. It is an any weapon, unit wide, state wide tag that goes from September 1- January 31st. 
Basically, I can hunt anywhere in the state of NM starting September 1st for deer. I have hunted for coues deer in unit 24. I have been fortunate to take a couple of smaller bucks. Although, I've been criticized for not chasing muleys up north with this tag, my mind is set on a coues deer. 

I have hunted unit 24 for the past 8 or 9 years. I have seen deer just about every day, but the area I usually hunt has had access closed off by private property.  

I spoke with a game warden and he said my best shot for a big coues is unit 27. I am not familiar with unit 27.  The game warden mentioned private property and gaining access. I would appreciate any information as to whom I may talk to or what public areas I may access. I'm not afraid of hiking miles. I don't expect for you to tell me where I will find a big deer. I plan on scouting the months of September, October, and November then get serious with looking for a dandy buck December and January. 

Any information will be greatly appreciated

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Re-post this in the New Mexico section you will get more responses. Maybe the moderators can move it.

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