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Found Bow & case

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Found a bow/case/gear scattered across a road in an elk unit.  Obviously bounced out of a truck/UTV and looks like the case was run over.  Let me know when, where, and what and we'll make sure you get it back.  Sorry....hope you had a spare and it didn't mess up your hunt!

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5 hours ago, desertmafia21 said:

OUCH! That would really suck

Lot's of people just don't take care of their stuff and toss it in the truck bed or worse in the back of the ATV and don't tether it sometimes driving ten miles or more back to camp, and 90% of people don't put a tag on their stuff or put a business card inside of it to identify who the owner is.

Laziness? Just a lack of commonsense? I don't know but I own a Ford Powerstroke and am amazed at the amount of people who spend  tens of thousands of dollars on their trucks and think nothing of dropping $1000 on a stereo system or $3K on tires and rims but won't anty up for a decent alarm/theft protections system and then post "Help this truck was stolen from our house, place of work, etc" Let's get these SOB's like it everyone elses problem too.

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