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Unit 30B

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I was fortunate enough to draw my second choice for mule deer, unit 30B, starts on November 1st. I am a long time resident (50 years) and 60 years old. I hunted in the north end of the Dragoon’s a very long time ago, I am familiar with the general area. I bought a great map and plan on at least 1 scouting trip in mid October. I have already checked out what Game and Fish has to say. Understand there is limited access due to the amount of private land and other reasons.  I am looking for and would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have as to a good place to start in this unit. Thanks in advance 

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i cannot comment on present conditions.

mid to late 1990's we filled two 5th choice tags in the gunnison hills between I10 and the tracks east of dragoon.  another just west of town along the rairoad grade.  actually glassed him up on the radio tower peak just north of the tracks.  never even saw a decent track.

we had an unsuccessful hunt in 2000 in the southern end but found better sign along high lonesome road along the east side of the mule mountains.  all still-hunting there however.

good luck,


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