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Favorite Miles Traveled

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Favorite Miles Traveled

'going fishing-git yer gear kid'

excitement and butterflies and all wound up

climbing in the truckbed ready for the chilly trip

daydreams of lunkers, the best worms ever or a new honey hole

getting rigged up by flashlight in the dark, rough ride down the canyon

wide awake, ready for adventure, can't wait to see the dawn mist on the water

repacking knapsack many times-hooks and viennas', sodas and a poncho

nothing more exciting at 10 years old than first light on a trout lake

"don't go in the water", "don't talk to hippies", "come back for lunch" forever remembered in the dawn.

off at a trot-where are the big ones today? Look-a rise!  a big one!

being "mature"-casting a colorful trout lure for a fruitless hour

but i know how success will come-the liveliest grasshopper or the biggest worm in the coffee can

all too soon back with my full stringer-cold fried chicken and sweet iced tea waiting on the tailgate

squatting in the mud cleaning everyones fish-telling others to get up early if they want to get limits

why do people want to take pictures of someone elses trout?-the lake is full of them!

riding home in the back, smelling of fish, finishing off the last fried chicken wing, smile so wide...

how big was the one that got away?


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