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  1. Eagle mountain ranch

    Free coues Cape from a spike

    Looks to be Sierra Vista, Arizona
  2. Eagle mountain ranch

    Kansas 2019

    Sounds awesome, tuned in ....
  3. Eagle mountain ranch

    Favorite Miles Traveled

    After reading all your posts this morning. I gotta ask where you get the really good stuff. I gotta get me some. Happy holidays
  4. Eagle mountain ranch

    Uh oh...

    No disrespect at all,but can you please elaborate.
  5. Eagle mountain ranch

    Prayers for my Daughter

    Done prayers sent
  6. Eagle mountain ranch

    WTB AKC Yellow Lab Pup

    Might try "barbs house of labs" in Queen Creek.We got our chocolate there like 8-9 years ago.She doesn't hunt but is an expert in chilling out on the couch,eating, or following you around everywhere. Great dogs goodluck with the new addition to the family.
  7. Eagle mountain ranch

    Border units vs. Central unit Coues

    Ruby road ?
  8. Eagle mountain ranch

    Keep an eye out for stolen goods

    All this inside an enclosed trailer ? Just my opinion,but it sounds like somebody knew what was in the trailer and targeted it. Sucks man sorry to hear
  9. Eagle mountain ranch

    22-250 Ruger American - $370

    One of my all time favorite cartridges. Love my 22-250 ..... should go quick
  10. Eagle mountain ranch

    In case you missed it :)

    Wow !!! she definitely has the crazy bit€h vibe nailed ....
  11. Eagle mountain ranch

    In case you missed it :)

    Lol , fetal alcohol syndrome I always tell my buddy he has this cause he can’t use my 15 swaros .... 😂😂
  12. Eagle mountain ranch

    22S Last Night

    Now on Monday at work you should sock him in the fu@king nose , at lunch of course.
  13. Eagle mountain ranch

    Diesel Fuel in a Trickle Tank

    Yep shave there nuts spread honey on them and stake them to a anthill, sad for sure....
  14. Eagle mountain ranch

    Heads UP!! UPDATE $30K

    Dude from “ Bad Grandpa “ Lol
  15. Eagle mountain ranch

    Help in 36A I

    I hunted this unit for quite a few years , but that was along time ago , I’m talkin a long time ago ,but I would be happy to share my info with you. Not even sure if the access points are still accessible. Bucks are pleatyful , but not huge , but there are some monsters in there no doubt.