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  1. Eagle mountain ranch

    Non Covid bug going around

    Still waiting: What is the science behind bumbling Biden’s vaccine exemptions for postal workers,welfare recipients,Congress, unemployed and illegal alien leaches.I’ll wait.This is not a one size fits all vaccine period. Many people are currently on some very serious medications.Do they have the data on long term interactions between the two.? No !!! Look at Israel’s data how’s the shot working for them or perhaps the U.K. Search: technical briefing 22
  2. Eagle mountain ranch

    Hate Me Some Thieves

    Unfortunately this is only going to get worse,much worse.With all the emboldened criminals now. Thanks to all the anti cop bu!!shoot the media etc has been stirring up. Sorry this happened to you.
  3. Eagle mountain ranch

    Tick Tock

    You should probably get your money back.
  4. Eagle mountain ranch

    Anybody on TRT?

    Testosterone shots ?
  5. Eagle mountain ranch


    It was still there about an hour ago. Both boxes.
  6. Eagle mountain ranch

    Any WValley garage door torsion spring repair guys?

    Brothers garage doors , I believe Ramond is his name. They have always treated me good,and have always been reasonable.....602-579-1775  They are in the west valley.
  7. Eagle mountain ranch

    Left Over List

    Don't forget about the anti folks buying up tags. ??
  8. Eagle mountain ranch

    Effects of the virus scare?

    I get to get tested today was exposed. What a joke , and I'm appalled by the fact that its 2020 and our medical industry can handle a few little tests, long lines, waiting in the hot parking lots etc I know it's not entirely their fault. But trust me fellas seeing this first hand would make any patriot cringe. Our government and the medical industry has and is failing us . My .02
  9. Eagle mountain ranch

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    Amen ...
  10. Eagle mountain ranch

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    Well hopefully in a galaxy far, far,away. if somebody finds a time machine they dont punch in 2020 . Wtf !
  11. Eagle mountain ranch

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Sorry for your loss ,this virus thing is nuts.
  12. Eagle mountain ranch

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Thanks man .. 49 years old .
  13. Eagle mountain ranch

    Effects of the virus scare?

    My buddy at work lost his friend last weekend to covid-19. Died on the ventilator. Young guy too.
  14. Eagle mountain ranch

    Let’s see them guns....

  15. Eagle mountain ranch

    Bison burgers

    That's awesome. Lol tip my hat to ya .