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FS: Three 8 lb jugs of any IMR powder

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Here is the situation:

I had three 8 lb jugs of 4007 SSC that has been recalled by IMR.  IMR will replace it with any powder. All you have to do is contact IMR with the lot info and they will ship any replacement jug of IMR powder that you want at no charge. I have the jugs and will dispose of the powder, just haven't dug to the bottom of the closet yet. IMR has been out of the powders that I would use, so I have just been sitting on the jugs since I heard of the recall. I bought an 8 lb jug of another IMR powder I use just before the recall... so, I am set for all the IMR powder I need for quite a while. I figured I would get the cash rather than pick up the powder and then sit on it.

You read the recall and call and confirm the details by calling. https://imrpowder.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/imr-recallnotice_2019.pdf

I will deliver the empty jugs in Chandler/Mesa. No shipping, no hazmat, no tax, its a simple way to get new powder. 

$170 per jug. 



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Didn’t realize this stuff was recalled.  Was digging through my powder cabindt the other day and I have a pound from a while back.  Liked it for my 243 WSSM.  I should send it in I guess.   What was wrong with the powder?

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