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1970's small population w extensive study-western Coues Deer

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1 hour ago, biglakejake said:

"Extinction Probability

The small population of white-tailed deer in the Ajo Mountains possibly contained only two breeding females in 1978. With any population of this size, there exists a definite possibility of extinction occurring. Rosenzweig (1975) lists four causes of extinction: (1) its fundamental niche might disappear; (2) it may become involved in overexploitation; (3) it may be outcompeted; and (4) it may be a victim of an accident. All four of these causes may be operative with white-tailed deer in the Ajo Mountains, including the very real possibility of the whitetail's fundamental niche disappearing. Hastings and Turner (1965) concluded that a climatic change has been occurring in Arizona since the 1870's,' leading to dryer, warmer conditions. Average rainfall may have decreased 3 in (7.6 cm) and caused an upward shift of vegetation zones of 1000 ft (300 m). A continuation of this trend would bring lower desert conditions to the top of the Ajos and likely eliminate white-tailed deer habitat."

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