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Remington 700 SPS 223

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Bought this rifle off a member here a while ago. I've been going through all my gear today and I decided to put this up for sale. Rem 700 SPS .223 rem, 1-12 20" bull barrel. Unknown round count, when my gunsmith and I looked through it he said it still has alot of life left. I did some work to it as a project and I'll attach that post here if you're curious to see. Its sitting in a bedded Grayboe Outlander dipped in multi-cam black, 30mm talley rings included, possibly scope at the right price. Barreled action, bolt and trigger have not been tampered with, and with factory Superformance it shot sub MOA. I still have a load to confirm that was shooting half MOA, I'll finish that up, and will share recipe. Haven't figured out a price yet so if you're interested PM me and we can work something out, I can include hornady once fired annealed ready to load brass, along with hornady match grade dies and neck bushing. Will consider trades but prefer cash.







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Illuminated reticle on the VX-R?

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