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Other licensed roofers that service North Valley NO RUSH

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Since multiple neighbors have had leaks I am looking to start getting bids for preventative measures. I am not leaking so no rush on work but bids appreciated so I can get the $ together and pick a company. Pretty crappy old 19 year old 30lb paper under tile now. The top run on patio of glue down cold process needs finished also my body died when almost finished, roof is dried in and material is here for that part and it will be easier when tile off anyways :) 

Licensed roofers with warranty on work please. Thanks


I-17 & Jomax roughly


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Will do. Luckily I don't have leaks but I am smart enough to know if houses around me leaking then it is time! + I got a good look at neighbors roofing paper on their house that burned when they pulled tiles.. in a unburned area


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