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RV Pad w/Hookups So AZ

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Posting for a friend.

We have 2 adults, 6 kids and a couple pets. Looking to live somewhere in AZ for January and maybe February 2021. During this time I would focus on bowhunting deer and then javelina hunting with the kids. We are looking for a semi-rural place to park and connect to utilities for this time frame.

I can vouch for the guy, he is top notch, he works on nuclear reactors so they have been doing this traveling family gig for a while. It sounds like heck to me but they are good at it. And the dude is a a legit top notch bowhunter. Good family, I would trust them with my life.

If anyone has something that might work shoot me a PM. I am sure Jordan would be happy to provide info on other western states to whomever he connects with.

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4 hours ago, Azooutdoors said:

I have RV hookups at my place in Cave Creek. 

Are you open to renting space to a group of misfits as described above?

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