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Fire pits and more

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I have two of these fire pits for sale. I built these for the Az Elk Banquet that never happened. One is all elk and the second is elk with all the armed forces. 900.00 each raw or 1000.00 with rust patina and high temp clear coat. Each one of these take 2 full sheets of 10 gauge and have 3 hour cut time. A lot of detail in these. 


I also have two of these elk fire pits. Both have elk scenes with a cook top that fold down flat. They hold together with ring clips and will fit in a large griddle case. I applied the rust patina to these and will high temp clear. 28”x24”x20” 300.00 each


Next up are two wall pieces. The mule deer is 36”x 24” and the elk piece is 24”x 20” 200.00 each







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These are bad butt, AES has had these past years and the are a work of art.

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