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Frustrated newbie seeking advice

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2 hours ago, bigorange said:

And Outdoor Writer is being modest...he’s one of the authors of that book along with Duwane. The book is the absolute best coues deer resource out there...in my opinion. I re-read most of it every season. You’ll learn a ton from glassing with Duwane just too bad it’s not before your hunt

one helpful glassing technique I think I picked up from the book...to pick apart an area pretend you’re walking around on the hill you’re glassing. Look under every tree, next to every rock, etc...When glassing a large area it’s very easy to glass ay too fast and just scan. Going back and “walking” the area looking for movement and parts of deer has helped me a lot especially finding bedded deer. 

Im terrible at glassing to fast... great advice.

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1 hour ago, PRDATR said:

I think you have it figured out. Just keep at it.

Muledeer33 is my cup of tea.

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Dont worry much, this year is tough. Ive hunted Coues for many many years and still have days when I see little to nothing. It is hot and dry. Deer are going to bed early staying down more during the day...going to the bottoms where you cant glass them up and not leaving til dark. Keep at it...and take your time. 

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4 hours ago, CatfishKev said:

Momma sounds like a keeper bro!

I have a guy coming down from the valley just to try and help give some pointers and get him in areas i know that hold deer.  You are most welcome to join. I live in sierra vista.  

As already mentioned its all about the tripod, very few people are good enough to not use one, his name is Fred...

I recomend new guys hunt southern units, far more deer then the northern units. Once you know you can pick up deer in areas where deer are, it will give you a bit of confidence in new areas.   Im unfamiliar with your unit but down here dang near every hill has a deer on it.  Just getting behind the glass and spotting some deer will be a moral boost for you.  Also we got enough roads to drive and look at deer, even that is great practice for glassing. You learn to look through holes and "learn" shapes. The graceful arc of a deers back or back end. Silohette of a head etc. It helps a bunch.  

Feel free to come down man.

I’m a very lucky man. When I told her I wanted to step into big game hunting, and I wanted to buy a particular rifle, she fooled me and said we couldn’t afford it at the fine, then went out and bought it for me for Father’s Day!


i appreciate the offer! Sadly there is never enough time in a day anymore. Next week I’m going to go shawdow a nice gentleman in 24A, and the following weekend is Halloween. I told my wife I would be home that weekend because the following weekend is my hunt and my plan is to be in the field up to 4 days. If you guys are hunting after that I will try to take you up on that offer!

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