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Beer crates. Testing the waters.

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you need to get ahold of Brady Bogen off 98KUPDs holmbergs morning show. he'd buy them if his wife didnt know about it.

I guess he has quite a collection of old Rare un opened beer cans I hear about it on there show in the mornings Holmberg always gives him crap about it..

If you part them out I might be interested in that Olympia one and a Raineer one if you have them. I dont drink beer never have but from Washington and been to both there factories

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I decided to pull the trigger and let these go with individual prices. Headed out on my coues hunt around 1 tommorow. Will be able to meet in the morning or next weekend. Prices are firm. If you want multiple I may discount. Those who enquired previously will have first shot. I really love all my junk, but its time for someone else to enjoy it. 

Moosehead SOLD

Genesee 12 horse ale SOLD 
Coors sold
Budweiser $75. PENDING
Olympia $45 each. OLY STILL AVAILABLE
Yukon Jack SOLD
Blatz $120. 
Aristocrat brandy $25. 
Jello $20. 
Yeast foam $5. 
Kraft cheese $5. 
Oscar Myer roast beef $15. 
7 UP $20. 
Helvah $10. 
Wagners $120. 

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