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I have a 2013 with 6.7 Cummins  SLT white with 129000 miles and 6 speed standard has not had a hitch put in it has bed cover 2 or 3 inch front leveling  kit factory aluminum rims with falken 285/75/17 also has amp research power steps also has the steering reinforcement bracket installed two new batteries and two new tail lights drive it easy and it will get 20-21 mpg average is around 18-19 also has matching size new tire on factory steel rimF29E9A5F-34B6-4042-B8C2-7702E1D25F4D.thumb.jpeg.9e2e24a3763bdea5c09d4d9ab6e6bfc1.jpeg




I just got this truck in May but I’m starting to have problems with my left knee  (sorry can’t turn pics)

Asking 34,000.00


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12 hours ago, trphyhntr said:

A 7 year old 130k mile truck at 34k is a steal? Wtf does that thing book for 

That's actually the going rate for diesels right now. And I would consider buying that truck if it was a automatic. I'm looking for a mega cab also.

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