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This is Savage Ultralight with proof carbon barrel 47 rounds shot total. I hunted on a mule deer hunt this year and killed my buck at 342 yards. This is a great rifle and the only reason for selling it is I have another 6.5 PRC being built right now with a 20” barrel to hunt with a suppressor..

I have a 1-box and about 1/2 of another box to go with it (143 ELDX ammo)

SCOPE AND RINGS Not INCLUDED .. WILL NOT SELL THE AMMO SEPARATE!16C7E32A-95B6-45F8-B22E-1C9EBB38CFF2.thumb.jpeg.3b80557ecec7431624977dad94f041db.jpeg873D8D96-BB78-48E0-91BD-62F745902EC2.thumb.jpeg.fb7d0c791d3d162c060f2ac71af76448.jpeg

everything include that came in the box including the box..  “SPF”

text or call 480.236.4195


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The rifle only weighed 6.1 lbs.   scope and everything minus bipod probably 8 lbs. or less just guessing I don’t have a scale.. it shot .5-.7 at 100 yards.. It would shoot better with someone else behind rather than me lol. I have a buddy in Idaho that is getting .3 out of his, but he reloads ( reloaded 26, 140gr. Berger’s)

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16 minutes ago, Desert_Dogs said:

I have the same rifle and shoot 143 ELDX (lights out) 

Family went 3 for 3 with rifle


daughter 371 Yards 

me 351 yards 

Wife 171 yards

I bought a Christensen  Arms Ridgeline in 6.5prc. Just try to find 6.5  prc brass or ammo!

it turns out it really, really likes H1000 and 143 ELDX’s......go figure. 

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