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WTS Tikka T3x SuperLite 300 Win Mag Stainless/Camo

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Looking to sell this virtually new stainless camo edition Tikka T3x SuperLite 300 Win Mag rifle. 

It has exactly 19 rounds through the barrel, just enough to complete my break in process:

-Fire 5 rounds, cleaning the bore after each round. 

-Fire 9 rounds, cleaning the bore after each group of 3 rounds. 

-Fire 5 rounds, cleaning the bore after the 5th round. 

Just starting to work on load development, but decided to go a different direction on another project. However, I will include a picture below of the final three shot group I had during break in with my general 300 WM load using H1000 and ELD-X bullets. The grouping is from 200 yards and already well under MOA. I expect this to tighten up with further load development. 

I had the brake custom made and installed by Lance Johnson at Dane Customs. I was putting this rifle together for my petite daughter and wife, so we put together a very aggressive brake to maximize recoil reduction. 

The rifle is flawless, in new condition. I paid $900 (prior to tax) for the rifle from Cabelas, and $250 for the brake and install. 

Optics, rings, and rail not included. 

Located in Queen Creek. 

Asking $900 firm. 




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Does a great job! Lance, (the gunsmith) and I talked about doing various types of breaks including a Shrewd, like one he did for me on another rifle, that would blend in perfectly with the barrel. But ultimately, the primary goal was a little recoil as possible. So we went big and aggressive. As I mentioned, my 90 pound daughter and my wife were the intended users when I had the break made. I personally feel that the recoil came down substantially vs other 300 Win Mags I have shot to a very manageable level. I haven't had my daughter shoot it yet because all 19 shots were done by me for the break in process.

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27 minutes ago, briant_az said:

You need to throw in some h1000 and some eldx bullets!

I do have some of those. For the right price, we might be able to work something out...

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