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  1. Titanium700

    Old meat

    Wow. We usually end up with 4-5 deer a year out year and almost every year we run out of meat about mid summer. Right now there is nothing in my freezer dated 2017.......
  2. Titanium700

    Late season elk hunt in 3b

    Yup. See the bull in my avatar? we called him over from the res, he hopped the fence and met my arrow....tried to run back but a tree stopped his progress. thankfully.
  3. Titanium700

    Smoker recomendations

    I’d sell that $400 gift card on Craigslist and go buy me a BGE.
  4. Titanium700

    Unit 9 Report?

    My buddy just killed a 6x6 yesterday morning in 9 Said since the wknd they’ve been going nuts. Dont know exactly where he was but he said he was having a blast.
  5. Titanium700

    Still at it in unit 8

    Stay overnight in that spot.
  6. Titanium700

    Any bulls down

    Sorry man, I’ll make ya proud.
  7. Titanium700

    Any bulls down

    I’ll post mine up when I kill him when my ML season opens late next week. 😎
  8. Titanium700

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    For real....
  9. Titanium700

    7W Archery Bull Elk tag to be donated

    Man, you know you gotta plan baby making days.
  10. Titanium700

    Heck Yea 2018 *New Huntress Update*

    Aww what a beauty.. congratulations.
  11. Titanium700

    2018 elk rut

    Oh goody. And I got my muzzleloader all dialed in up to 300 yds... hopefully shoot one at 15, lol
  12. Titanium700

    My wife’s 2018 bull bison hunt video

    I would’ve done the same. Congrats to her.
  13. Titanium700

    My wife’s 2018 bull bison hunt video

    Great video, really enjoyed it. One question though, was your wife hoping to shoot one with a bow instead? She did great either way, that’s how to get it done. I also like how you started in the beginning of the draw results, I know it’s like Christmas at my house..........sometimes....lol
  14. Titanium700

    Forum software upgrade

    I like the camo one too. Second place the tan.