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  1. azruger

    First buck

    Neck ya... congrats on a great buck young man. Wish my first was that big..
  2. azruger

    Rossi single .410

    Where you located
  3. azruger

    cva muzzleloaders inline and hawken

    Please send pics if they are still availanle.. 5209657973
  4. azruger

    Sand crane

    I am.down for it. I want to try it.
  5. azruger

    Shotgun for daughter

    Anyone out there.got a .410 or.20 gauge single shot they don't need anymore. 10 year old daughter wants her own dove gun since she passed her hunter safety course and will soon receive my coues tag in a tag transfer
  6. azruger

    Leftover results

    Tried to get my kids a leftover in 24a and 24b. Looks like it's a bust. Gonna sign my 34a tag over to her since it's her first year. Getting harder and harder to draw. I remember in the 80's and 90s there were leftover late whitetail tags... those were the good ole days.
  7. azruger

    Youth rifle for my daughter

    Anyone out there have any youth rifles not getting used. My 10 year old hunting her first year. Thought in would check here first...
  8. azruger

    Thompson center 54 cal muzzeloader

    Where you located?? My oldest boy wants a old style like this..
  9. azruger

    when did you shoot your first big game animal

    It was 1982 I was 10 years old. Killed a javalina on the San carlos apache reservation behind the dam. One shot 150 yards with a Ruger m77 6mm. I still have the gun,my uncle gave it to me that year after I killed my pig....
  10. azruger

    2018 deer draw

    Pretty sure drew 33 late dec. Whitetail. 33 1st choice,34a 2nd and 24a 3rd. Letting my 10 year old.daughter have this tag.
  11. I drew one of those tags this year. 1st Choice was 33 late dec. 2nd choice was 34a late dec. Never hunted 34a. Still kind of new down here in tucson. I will be signing my tag over to my daughter who turned 10 and was skunked in the draw this year. She says dad I want a god one.... lol
  12. azruger

    Hitting Cards

    Just found my choices I put in for this year I have either a 33 late whitetail or 34a late whitetail. I am pretty sure my 3rd choice of 24a I did not get. Looks like my daughter is going to hunt late 33.....
  13. azruger

    2018 deer draw

    The youth hunts get harder every year..... all 3 of my kids struck out in youth hunts this year....
  14. azruger

    Hitting Cards

    Dec. Whitetail for me. Not sure what unit.. hoping for my 1st Choice 24a. Since I grew up there. Signing my tag over to my daughter who turns 10 today. Gonna be a great hunt with her....
  15. azruger

    Credit Card Hit!

    Kids struck out on junior tags... but dad drew a late coues tag in either 24a 23 or 34a. I will be signing it over to my daughter. This year is her first year to hunt big game.... Lucky kid....