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  1. cjl2010

    Sig kilo 2400ABS

    Good deal. I really like mine!
  2. cjl2010

    whats next

    Spend some time on here and contribute a little and you will find there are lots of guys on here that can hook you up with deals on high end optics. Lots of good people willing to share deals.
  3. cjl2010

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    That makes sense. Seems like the few guys I know that are left handed in a family of rights buy stocks that are ambidextrous. Lucky for those left handed guys almost all scopes are right side windage.
  4. cjl2010

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    Pretty much everyone in my family is correct handed, but my kids are too young to know. Out of curiousity, why would you try to train a natural instinct out of someone? is there an advantage to making them shoot right handed?
  5. cjl2010

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    If he is left eye dominant why not just have him shoot left handed?
  6. cjl2010

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    Sounds like some lefty builds will be happening soon!
  7. Kahles if you wanna shoot really far
  8. Get a huskemaw if you boys wanna shoot far.
  9. cjl2010

    NF ATACR 7-35x56

    It’ll basically be a load development scope and on a heavier fun gun. I figured for a 1.5 oz penalty over the 25x it wouldn’t be a bad deal. My kahles really screws my dad up with the parallax adjustment. Having a swaro x5 in moa I thoufht having the 35x atacr and that same 16x that you have would be a cool combo
  10. cjl2010

    NF ATACR 7-35x56

    Why did you go with the 5-25?
  11. cjl2010

    NF ATACR 7-35x56

    Anybody been behind one?
  12. cjl2010

    Swarovski X5 3.5-18x50 4W

    TTT offers welcome
  13. cjl2010

    Payson Rentals

    Mortgage will be cheaper than rent