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  1. wapitibob

    early unit 1 bull clothing

    I hunted the burn a lot and wore a thin set of black smartwool bottoms with gym shorts and short sleeve tops. On colder days I wore Costco travel pants and various core4 or Sitka tops.
  2. live stream works fine Article 3 passed with amendment striking passive trail camera reference. It has to go back thru the public comment stage.
  3. wapitibob

    How many non res elk points ?

    I'd hunt 27.
  4. wapitibob

    How many non res elk points ?

    Zero nr drew with 15 in the unit 1 early archery 2018 Bonus Pass 9 of 20 drew with 16 4 of 5 drew with 17 and 1 with 19 drew for 3a: 0 of 9 drew with 16 6 of 8 with 17 drew You'll be ridin' the pine for a bit yet.
  5. wapitibob

    YETI drops NRA

    Form letter to 300+ from what I've been told. Quite the spin from the NRA.
  6. wapitibob

    Conserve and Protect Meeting 4/23/2018

    2018 total valid Antelope draw applicants, 31,989 2018 total valid Antelope Bonus Point purchases, 13,692 2018 total valid Elk draw applicants, 115,436 2018 total valid Elk Bonus Point purchases, 16,520 rejects, 662
  7. wapitibob

    Conserve and Protect Meeting 4/23/2018

    New and better odds reports are currently part of the draw system rewrite and in one conversation we had it was mentioned that they may be included in a premium portal membership but that's way down the road.
  8. This turned into a shoot show. evidently mods don't like cuss words
  9. And look, no tags getting pulled from joe6pack and auctioned off. imagine that....
  10. Pretty obvious it's all about the tags and their revenue. Same players, same line of bull crap. If it wasn't about the tags there'd be other options on the table being discussed.
  11. wapitibob

    Draw Question

    "it should go to the next person with the highest number of points regardless of residency status." If the bounced app came from the Bonus Pass, they go back to the 1st alternate from the Bonus Pass. If the bounced app came from the 1-2 Pass, they give the tag to the 1st alternate from the 1-2 Pass. Regulation will not let them give the backfill tag to a NR if the cap has been filled. I drew my backfill tag as a nr, from a bounced app, because the guy was a nr, freeing up 1 tag. The draw reports show all 1st choice apps, a party will show as 2 first choice applicants. AZ and WY are the same in that regard; party members all have the same random number and if you look at the draw database, every applicant is listed and processed in the draw. Because they have the same number the apps appear to be "combined" into a single app in the system but that's not the case. "If your second choice takes fewer bp's to receive a bonus round permit than your first choice, and if you have the number of points needed to be guaranteed your second choice, they don't even consider your first choice." The draw program will always look at your 1st choice first, in the Bonus Pass, provided you have at least 1 point. If you are not drawn it then goes to your 2nd choice. If you have the points and a tag is available you will then draw your 2nd choice. You are now out of the draw and you have no chance to draw in the 1-2 Pass, where your points would have given you a weighted advantage and you might have drawn that 1st choice hunt.
  12. wapitibob

    Draw Question

    Nr quota was one tag in the Bonus Pass and two in the 1-2 Pass. One nr from the Bonus Pass drew but was bounced, probably a credit card, which I believe then freed up a nr tag. I don't have confirmation that the nr tag was freed up but based on previous conversations, I think that's how it works. After the 1-2 pass they went back to the Bonus Pass, where the bounced tag came from, and filled the tag with the next available app, either res or nr (if the nr tag was freed up). They can't go back and un issue tags so a backfill tag could in the right circumstances leapfrog a guy who drew 2nd choice because 1st choice was filled. The backfill guy gets someone's 1st choice tag when they get bounced.
  13. wapitibob

    Draw Question

    They have no report that shows the res/nr breakout, per point, for this specific hunt code. I believe if a nr gets bounced it frees up a nr tag but I didn't ask that specific question; I drew as an alternate a while back because the bounced app was a nr, freeing up a nr tag in the Bonus Pass, and I was the next guy in line.
  14. wapitibob

    Draw Question

    They go back after the 1-2 Pass draw and fill the first available spot, from the draw where the bounced app came from. The people that already drew out, either in the Bonus Pass or the 1-2 Pass are now out of the draw and ineligible for that tag. In this case, they went back to the Bonus Pass and filled there, from either the 20 or 21 point pool. Backfilled tags will be reflected in the draw report from which it came, Bonus or 1-2.
  15. wapitibob

    Draw Question

    I was mistaken in believing the Bonus Pass report was real time, it's generated after all cards and tags are processed. As such, an app that's bounced for a bad card will not show as drawn. The other report I have, not published, is real time and does show a successful app that may later be rejected. So, a nr drew the 1 available tag in the Bonus Pass and was later rejected.