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  1. wapitibob

    Elk draw website down

    The extended date has no affect. You could buy a license in December with a start date of Feb 12 and then apply early January before the license is even valid. As noted, AZ sells paper licenses which create a multitude of problems and vulnerabilities.
  2. wapitibob

    Draw Odds Question

    If there is only 1 nr tag under the 10% cap, it can only be drawn in the 1-2 Pass so that all nr have a chance. Part of the deal when the dept set up the 5%/5% nr change. To get the res/nr breakdowns you need to file a public info request as those reports are not published by the dept, my cost has been $25 for the Elk reports. Even with those reports there is a bit of work involved, it's not just one report nicely formatted. The draw code was broken for years which prevented the nr info from populating the report that the dept publishes (Bonus Pass by hunt number). That error was fixed a few years ago and the nr info was included that year. The dept has elected not to include that info since; I have not asked why. A more comprehensive res/nr draw odds report has been discussed for the last 10 years, most recently (a cpl years ago) it was going to be part of a portal membership option. I suspect nothing significant will change until the dept rewrites their draw code. My last conversation about that rewrite was there was no hard schedule in place. As an option, Toprut has those breakdowns, paying the dept for that info, formatting it, and now providing it as part of their "peak" membership. It's my opinion, those individual point pool numbers, per point level, per hunt code, are important pieces of data for determining where you are in the line and when you might draw. Of course those pool numbers are the prior years numbers and applicants do move around.
  3. wapitibob

    Draw Odds Question

    The 21 point app was a nr and because there is only one tag for a nr, which can’t be drawn in the bonus pass, he gets passed over. The only chance a nr has of drawing a 3148 tag is the 1-2 pass. The report shown above is the Bonus Pass report; success of 3. The five 20 point guys are also nr as is one of the 20 point second choice apps. That 2nd choice resident drew his 1st choice and was out. The computer then dropped to the 19, 18, then 17 point pools looking for residents.
  4. wapitibob

    Elk and Antelope Hunt Recommendations

    Yep, the quotas have been out for a long time.
  5. wapitibob

    Super Bonus Point

    I'm warming up to your idea. The 1 year point lifespan has merit as well.
  6. wapitibob

    8+ or 9s phone ?

    You can read an sd card from an iphone in a matter of seconds.
  7. wapitibob

    early unit 1 bull clothing

    I hunted the burn a lot and wore a thin set of black smartwool bottoms with gym shorts and short sleeve tops. On colder days I wore Costco travel pants and various core4 or Sitka tops.
  8. live stream works fine Article 3 passed with amendment striking passive trail camera reference. It has to go back thru the public comment stage.
  9. wapitibob

    How many non res elk points ?

    I'd hunt 27.
  10. wapitibob

    How many non res elk points ?

    Zero nr drew with 15 in the unit 1 early archery 2018 Bonus Pass 9 of 20 drew with 16 4 of 5 drew with 17 and 1 with 19 drew for 3a: 0 of 9 drew with 16 6 of 8 with 17 drew You'll be ridin' the pine for a bit yet.
  11. wapitibob

    YETI drops NRA

    Form letter to 300+ from what I've been told. Quite the spin from the NRA.
  12. wapitibob

    Conserve and Protect Meeting 4/23/2018

    2018 total valid Antelope draw applicants, 31,989 2018 total valid Antelope Bonus Point purchases, 13,692 2018 total valid Elk draw applicants, 115,436 2018 total valid Elk Bonus Point purchases, 16,520 rejects, 662
  13. wapitibob

    Conserve and Protect Meeting 4/23/2018

    New and better odds reports are currently part of the draw system rewrite and in one conversation we had it was mentioned that they may be included in a premium portal membership but that's way down the road.
  14. This turned into a shoot show. evidently mods don't like cuss words
  15. And look, no tags getting pulled from joe6pack and auctioned off. imagine that....